As a student, you are constantly being given more and more information – a pile of formulas, a heap of dates, a list of verbs! How do you make sense of it all, let alone remember it and make connections between all of it? This is where Mind Mapping and iMindMap come in. We want to make your student life as easy as possible, so that you can enjoy education as well as some well earned free time!

How does Mind Mapping work?

Mind Maps are visual maps of ideas, which take a central idea and then span out from this in a circular shape. As you draw branches from your central idea, you simply add on key words and colours and images. They are the ideal student tool, as they take all of the information you are given, and then break this down into the most important key words – making it easier to remember. Also, as you add ideas you are free to make associations and connections – unlike boring lined notes! You create the perfect study sheet for a student, with only the information you need and with your own ideas and opinions attached. If you want to know more, find out how to create a Mind Map.

What is iMindMap?

iMindMap is the ultimate student software tool, as you can take your Mind Maps and add web links, notes, Word documents and more – transforming your Mind Maps from useful to vital! iWoman holds laptop with iMindMap on itMindMap gives you this and then some, with more features for making notes, planning and writing assignments, revising and presenting – all in one tool!

iMindMap is available in 2 editions, find out which one is best for you, here.

How can I use iMindMap to study?

iMindMap makes studying easier for students, giving you more free time. Find out how Mind Mapping can improve study skills. Here is a quick look at the student activities that iMindMap can help with:

  • Generating original ideas and opinions, ideal for exams where evidence of independent thinking is rewarded.
  • Creating essay plans which order your ideas and automatically show connections between them (crucial in exam marking criteria), then exporting into Word when it’s time to write.
  • Collaborating with your friends and fellow students. Whether you export to PDF or image file format, or use the Screen Capture Tool, you can share your ideas in a variety of ways.
  • Studying for exams – a dreaded period in every student life! iMindMap takes the stress out of revision with easy to use focus tools which promote memory.
  • Planning your time and making study timetables. With all the time you will save making notes, you can have more free time to reflect on topics and form your own opinions.

Does it really help students like me?

We know that iMindMap and Mind Mapping help students just like you around the world get better exam results, enjoy learning more and secure higher education places. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these student testimonials:

“The results I achieved using iMindMap were fantastic and it was so easy to use. The software assisted me with my revision for exams. By the end of Year 10 I had achieved a D and E grade in Geography and History. After using iMindMap for revision, I achieved A grades in both!”

Tom Jones, Student, Cowbridge High School

“I am a terrible note maker, I tend to read a text and end up copying the whole text into my notes which is why Mind Mapping is ideal for me…you can only have keywords on the branches and not reams of text. iMindMap has enabled me to reduce my notes by about 95% quickly and with visually pleasing results.”

Rob Williams, Student

“Last June I was diagnosed with dyslexia… iMindMap really helped me. I saw my grades go up and feel more confident in my abilities.”

Gemma Ryder, Student

“Just completed my exams recently and I am happy and confident about it. A large part of this is due to iMindMap…a truly groundbreaking software that helps you think, an invaluable asset for students of any level and any discipline.”

Yong Sheng, Loughborough University Student

Interested in Mind Mapping? You can get a FREE trial of iMindMap, the only Mind Mapping software from Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps.

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