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Where did it all begin?

iMindMap founder and CEO, Chris Griffiths, discovered Mind Mapping back in the early ’90s and was instantly impressed by its ability to make any task more creative and productive. Feeling restricted by paper-based Mind Mapping, he sought a way to combine the creative nature of hand-drawn Mind Maps with the ease and flexibility of technology. With a shared vision of creating a brain-friendly Mind Mapping software that would benefit a wider, computer-literate audience, Chris teamed up with inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. And so iMindMap was born.

Where did it all begin


About iMindMap


Enter iMindMap

Mind Mapping is a successful process in its own right, used by over 250 million people worldwide. Now, thanks to the close relationship we have formed with the Mind Mapping community and a talented development team, we were able to make the process even more efficient. iMindMap is a complete, flexible, digital working space devised to help our users throughout the whole creative process, from idea generation, development, through to completion. iMindMap has helped over 1 million people worldwide, in over 170 countries and 14 languages, improve all sorts of tasks, from brainstorming, organising information and project managing to studying, teaching, presenting and much more.


Flexible technology for better thinking

Freedom, portability, imagery, colour and association are all crucial to be able think creatively. Technology can hinder our ability to think with clarity by forcing us into a selective and analytical frame of mind. This is why with iMindMap, we strive to create multi-functional software that doesn’t get in the way of your creative process. Listening carefully to the suggestions and feedback of our customers has allowed us to ensure that every feature and functionality that constitutes iMindMap is expertly designed to stimulate and enhance the brain, not restrict it.

Flexible Technology


Training Courses

Training Solutions

OpenGenius, the company behind iMindMap, provides training solutions in various locations worldwide. We deliver accredited training courses in Mind Mapping, Applied Innovation, Memory Skills and Speed Reading. We also deliver in-house training in these areas, as well as in Innovation Management, Presentation Skills and Mind Mapping in Education. Our training combines practical skills with tried and tested thinking techniques from the world leaders in these fields, as we endeavour to bring you worthwhile and invaluable learning.


Resources to get your creative juices flowing

Further solidifying their expertise in the field of creativity and innovation is the success of the books written by Chris and Tony that were released under OpenGenius’ own publishing company, Proactive Press. These include ‘Mind Maps for Business’, which reached the top 5 of the Amazon Business Chart, and ‘GRASP The Solution’, which reached number 1 for decision making on and number 2 in the overall business chart on Amazon UK.

The books have been sold in over 15 countries and translated into 5 languages. Some of the material has also been integrated in to a nationally accredited education qualification endorsed by a major UK awarding board to help children maximise their thinking. These books, along with a selection of exclusive DVDs are available in our exclusive iMindMap Ultimate Plus package.



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