Anton Tsenov

Sofia, Bulgaria
ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping, Creativity, Innovation and iMindMap

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What is your background?

Bachelor degree of economics at University of National and World Economics in Sofia. Vice President at Start IT Smart, the biggest club for young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. I’m interested in entrepreneurship and self-development and I have recently started a company for self development courses and want to teach people how to unlock their potential and develop their skills in different areas.

Why does Mind Mapping inspire you?

I’ve always believed that our brain’s potential is limitless and when I discovered Mind Mapping I loved it from the first glance. It is an amazing tool which helps you improve you memory and unlock you creative potential. Also one of the other great things in Mind Mapping is that they can be used everywhere, from generating new ideas to planning an event, presentation, holiday, studying, seeing the big picture and almost every other aspect of you life. I believe Mind Mapping is a really great tool which can help you with everything you do.

How will you use your TLI accreditation?

I have started my own company for mind map trainings – Mind Mapping ( Our goal is to spread this incredible tool to as many people as possible. We want to show them that our brain’s potential is limitless and ultimately to change the way people think.

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