Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan

Inventor of Mind Mapping

Inventor of Mind Mapping – Brain Expert – Best-Selling Author – Renowned Speaker – Government Consultant

  • Your brain is like a sleeping giant.

Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity and innovation. He has been named as one of the world’s top 5 speakers by Forbes magazine.

Through over 40 years of research into the workings of the brain, Tony Buzan is dedicating his life to developing and refining techniques to help individuals think better and more creatively, and reach their full potential. He has awakened the brains of millions worldwide.

Described as “one of the most influential leaders in the field of thinking creatively”, Tony utilises his accredited training courses to build a network of highly specialised experts in creative thinking, memory and speed reading techniques. Tony Buzan imparts his knowledge and expertise on the three ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor courses in Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading, which he both leads and accredits. The ThinkBuzan accredited training courses bring practical skills to delegates all over the world including individuals from FTSE multinational corporations, leading global universities and Government departments.

  • Tony Buzan is a person who has dedicated his life for a cause. A cause that benefits the human race, and makes their lives a lot easier.
    Gulf Connoisseur Magazine


Inventor of Mind Mapping


In the late 1960s, frustrated with traditional note taking techniques, Tony developed his studies of brain function into the Mind Mapping technique. Mind Mapping combines the visual and spatial aspects which enable the brain to be most efficient, giving new clarity, greater control of your thinking processes, and therefore much greater control of your life.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have adopted Mind Mapping as an efficient, stimulating way to organise thoughts, capture beliefs, generate ideas, and plan almost anything.

  • Tony Buzan deserves a medal for coming up with the sanity-saving concept of Mind Maps, which make difficult mental tasks possible, even pleasurable.
    Time Out Magazine
  • Tony Buzan will do for the brain what Stephen Hawking did for the universe…there can be no clearer or more effective mental tool than Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps.
    Raymond Keene, The Times

Best-selling Author


Tony is the multi-million copy best-selling author of over 100 books on Mind Mapping, the Brain, Memory and Mental Literacy. Tony’s books have been published in 100 countries and 30 languages. His works include ‘Mind Maps for Business’, co-authored with Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan, which reached the top 5 of the Amazon Business Chart, ‘Tony Buzan’s Ultimate Book of Mind Maps’, ‘Mind Maps at Work’, ‘Use your Head’, ‘Brain Child’ and ‘The Most Important Graph in the World’.


Business and Education Consultant


On average, Tony visits over 20 countries each year, delivering accredited training courses, consulting with businesses and government bodies, and lecturing at business conferences, primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges.

He has worked with governments around the world on educational and creative issues, including the governing bodies of Australia, Bahrain, China, UK, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and South Africa.

Through his consultative work for governments, Tony continues with his aim to instill a strategy for creative thinking into the school curriculum, seeking to influence current government bodies, as well as inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

In 2008, Tony and ThinkBuzan CEO Chris Griffiths donated their time at the 4th annual Petra Nobel conference in Jordan, where the delegates worked towards a global partnership for peace and prosperity.

  • Tony Buzan is a man with an IQ at genius level, who has contributed to more than 80 books on the brain and is consulted by universities, business organisations and governments.
    The Telegraph

Philanthropist and Global Teacher


On each trip, Tony devotes time to charity and pro bono work. Every step of the way, his core message is the same: Everyone has talents. Everyone simply needs to find the right tools to liberate and unlock their potential.

In the 2005 BBC documentary ‘In Search of Genius’, Tony accepted the challenge of ‘a unique social experiment’. He worked for 6 months with 6 disadvantaged children, to see whether he could change their behaviours, attitudes and cognitive profiles through Mind Mapping and mental literacy training. The superb results showed that ‘no child is ever a lost cause.’ That same year, Tony also taught a super class of 9000 children at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK.

  • It is rare that you come across an individual who can make a profound difference to the way you live your life. It is rarer still that you meet an individual who can make a profound difference to the way millions of people live their lives. Tony Buzan is such a man.
    Chris Griffiths

Mission for Global Mental Literacy


Tony developed the Brain Trust Charity to ‘maximise the ability of each and every individual to unlock and deploy the vast capacity of his or her Brain’.

This charity helps under-privileged children build on their mental literacy, and disadvantaged schools to access resources they could not otherwise reach. Tony recently donated 3000 of his books to children in Sierra Leone as part of the ‘Build on Books appeal’.

He also founded the World Memory Championships, which have now been taking place for over 20 years, and the UK Schools Memory Championship, to celebrate children’s mental literacy.

  • Tony is a unique human being who has helped countless people globally use more of their potential through his books and his work.
    Isobel Abulhoul


  • I really enjoyed Tony’s presentation – it was very empowering and enlightening. Being in Finance, its true to say that the logical parts of my brain are in use the most. Something wonderful happened during the session because my head was absolutely buzzing afterwards
    Stewart Auger, European Finance and Operations Manager, Nordson Corporation
    • I have run many events with Tony Buzan in Ireland ranging from conferences, public events with packed auditoriums, company in-house training groups to schools and they all have in common the palpable sense of excitement as each individual begins to explore the endless possibilities of the brain, and a sense of expectation and eagerness sweeps the room. Tony Buzan is a master at creating and nurturing this passion for learning and change.
      Jane Stephenson, Seminars Ireland
      • Tony Buzan’s presentation was enlightening, amusing and attention grabbing.
        Graeme White, Health Department
        • Buzan has a persuasive, almost hypnotic presentation style, charismatic enthusiasm, and contagious belief in human potential.
          Graham Wilson (
          • Excellent, very informative. Great interaction with audience.
            Michael Salliss, Business Analyst, Avis Budget Group
            • Tony held the audience spellbound as he challenged, confronted and tested our collective assumptions about how adults learn. The audience would clearly have loved him to continue not just for another few hours but for several days! He is an extraordinary teacher and communicator.
              Ann Ewing, Head of Learning & Development, HSBC Bank PLC
              • Tony Buzan was a mesmerising speaker…in a few hours he communicated to a business audience the practical portion of what I had spent four years studying.
                Stephen C Lundin, Author of the five-million-copy best selling FISH!
                • Tony’s work on memory and creativity was a huge hit with our players and staff at Saracens. From our young academy players to seasoned internationals, Tony’s energy and expertise instantly captured our attention and his work was applied -both on and off the field- to help our people grow and develop. 
                  David Jones, Saracens Rugby Club
                  • Great presentation [at the IRM Conference]. Total control. Excellent delivery.
                    David Baskerville, Lead Business Analyst, Barclays Bank


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                  Tony Buzan has spoken at countless events in his lifetime. Here are just a few of the events:

                  • Petra Nobel – Annual Conference of Nobel Laureates, Jordan
                  • National Achievers Congress, Kuala Lumpur
                  • MENSA Conference, Cambridge, UK
                  • British Embassy Seminar, Mexico
                  • Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Dubai
                  • Innovation in Teaching and Learning Conference, Ministry of Education, Malaysia
                  • International Exhibition of Higher Education, Saudi Arabia
                  • IRM Business Analysis Conference, UK
                  • Leadership and Embracing Change Conference, Hong Kong Management Association, Hong Kong
                  • Mind Maps for Business Conference, Octara, Karachi
                  • SIM Conferences, Worldwide


                  If would like to find out more information or book Tony Buzan for an event, please email our Training and Events team at or contact directly on +44 (0) 207 1177 173 / 1-800-961-4582 (USA).

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