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Join us on our upcoming training courses – Early Bird Discount ending soon

We are over halfway through 2017, but there’s always time for personal growth. Why not test your limits and try something new? Our Licensed Instructor training courses are perfect for people who want to master practical skills, learn from world leaders in mental literacy and boost their brainpower. We offer flexibility to fit you, with courses running worldwide throughout the year.

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3 steps to end your week productively with iMindMap

It’s all too easy to let the end of the week pass you by. You’ve spent the week working hard to tick off multiple tasks and now, your productivity is at risk of nosediving. However, there’s still time to squeeze the most out of those last few hours and set yourself up for a successful coming week. Follow this 3 step ritual with Mind Mapping and iMindMap to ensure a productive Friday afternoon, meaning you can switch off properly this weekend.

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Why Mind Maps are key to idea generation and mindfulness

Mind Mapping for mindfulness

In his book Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking, Tony Buzan states that mindfulness is “the art of paying attention to the details of the present moment, without judgement.” This concept is now popular among yogis, therapists and entrepreneurs alike. Mindfulness reduces stress, boosts our memory and allows us to focus, sparking new ideas in our subconscious. It refreshes and relaxes us, allowing us to go with the flow and accept life as it happens.

You may be wondering how Mind Maps fit in here, but really they go hand in hand. Read on to find out three ways in which Mind Mapping, mindfulness and idea generation are linked…

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5 times iMindMap will be your note-taking hero

Note-taking is an everyday essential. Whether you are in a meeting or lecture, listening, making notes and digesting the information you’re being given can be a daunting prospect. Keeping pace with the speaker, then making sense of what you’ve taken down is a challenge faced by most. iMindMap Ultimate’s workspaces allow you to capture, retrieve, develop and action the key takeaways, boosting productivity by transforming quickfire notes into meaningful actions. Here’s how…


1) Spark associations with keywords

We would argue that the crux of note-taking is grounded in keywords. If you hear something that will be worthwhile remembering, make that your keyword. Often when hand writing notes, we try to take down every detail, meaning the most important facts become lost and meaningless. iMindMap’s views are keyword-centric, so type them down based on the information you are receiving. This is undoubtedly faster than writing, and means you can focus more on listening and digesting the words. Keywords spark associations in your brain, not only boosting your ability to recall information, but also triggering new ideas.

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How your Mind Map’s colours and images will boost memory and creativity

In today’s corporate world filled with monotone, text-heavy handouts, you may be forgiven for thinking that colourful Mind Maps have no place. How professional can a brightly coloured Mind Map be? You’re no longer in the classroom, after all.

However, as businesslike as black-and-white text can seem, it doesn’t strike a chord with most people. Ask anyone to memorise the contents of ten pages of text, and they’re unlikely to recall every key piece of information. So, how exactly do you grab and hold someone’s attention and make the facts really sink in? Here we turn to Mind Mapping. Mind Maps are, by their very nature, visual tools with very little focus on the written word. The rules behind the concept actually state that colour and images are the most important elements of Mind Maps, along with radiating curved branches and the use of keywords. Colourful Mind Maps have been proven to boost memory, enhance cognitive processes and spark creativity.

Read on to find out exactly how a Mind Map’s colours and images can be used in the office to inspire, motivate and engage you and your colleagues using iMindMap…

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Make your next business idea a success with an iMindMap PESTLE Analysis

As an entrepreneur, your brain is often overflowing with ideas for new ventures that you hope will bring further commercial success. But how can you know if your next service or product is viable? And is the current marketplace ready for it? Conduct a PESTLE Analysis using iMindMap to decide.

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Reignite your summer productivity with a mid-year project review

Summer is here, and over the next few weeks schools will be closing, the sun will (hopefully) be shining and you’ll be dreaming of being anywhere but your desk. If you’ve noticed a dip in your motivation, rest assured that you’re not alone. Research* shows that not only does productivity plummet by 20% during the summertime, but project turnaround time increases by a staggering 13%. Thankfully, with a little help from iMindMap, you can achieve peak productivity levels all summer long and make hay while the sun shines.

At the start of this year, you probably set yourself goals for the next 12 months. With over half of the year now behind you, the direction of your objectives is likely to have shifted. Why not take the opportunity of this slower summer period to check-in with your progress, rejig your priorities and fire up the pace again for a productive year ahead? Here’s how to create a mid-year project review with iMindMap…

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Need a creativity boost? Our TEDx Talk explains how to ‘Think Different’


In need of a creativity boost?

Our founder, Chris Griffiths, explains why you need to do more than just ‘think outside of the box’ in his TEDxCardiff Talk.

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iMindMap でリサーチを効率よくこなす方法


新規ビジネス開拓や大学での研究、旅行のプランニングまで、「リサーチ」が必要な作業に iMindMap を活用してみましょう。今回は iMindMap 10 Ultimate を使ってリサーチを効率よくこなす方法をお届けします。

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5 ways iMindMap can simplify your next research project

When you’re tasked with a research project it can be hard to know where to start. Often you will spend more time coordinating your sources than on the actual research itself. Getting your notes together, saving links to relevant facts and organising your results can be an arduous task. With the added pressure of working in a team and hitting deadlines, a research project can soon become an overwhelming and dreaded task.

Whether you’re investigating a new business idea, exploring concepts for an academic project or considering travel options for a long-overdue vacation, iMindMap is an invaluable research tool. Keep your workspace clutter-free and your stress levels low with these 5 examples of how iMindMap can streamline your next research project…

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