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What the iMindMap 5 Beta Testers Say

You’ve heard what we have to say about iMindMap 5, so now why not hear what our Beta Testers are feeding back about the new software?

The forum has been a hive of activity, keeping our developers on their toes and busily working out the kinks as fast as our testers can report them.  We have had our head full of iMindMap 5 for so long now, that it’s been brilliant to get some fresh viewpoints and find out what our users think are the most important changes in iMindMap 5.

One of the big hits with the Beta Testers has been the new MultiMaps feature…


“I have just discovered the MultiMaps Feature – and played with it in Presentation View and in 3D View – WOW – you developers did a real impressive job to bring iMindMap to the next level of real brain-friendly work AND to show complex processes, too!”  Michael Landers

“I think the ability to add more than one central idea is fantastic, as one of the features I really wanted was the ability to draw free standing, or floating branches, when you want to add an idea related to a number of other branches.”  Ryan Tully

The new Styles feature that allows you to switch your Mind Map between a variety of styles, has also been picked up as a ‘really nice feature!’ and a ‘great solution to a thing I always wanted’.

The look and feel seems to be keeping our iMindMap-savvy Testers happy…Animation+Interface

“I am enjoying the Smart Layout feature. I like the fact that when you add an image to a branch and then draw a new branch that is too close it moves the original branch and image slightly so it is out of the way. Nice.”  Carol Leather

“My first impressions are that it looks great, the interface and graphics look fantastic. I’m very excited to see what new features are included!”  Ryan Tully

“It is my pleasure to tell you that after consulting the beta version of the iMindMap 5 I am thrilled. You have improved the graphics and added new possibilities. I am really fond of the 3D View too.”  Tone Ancnik

3D View is getting some great feedback, with Ryan saying “The 3D view is really nice and looks great! This added perspective of being able to ‘travel’ around the mind map should certainly enhance memory and learning.”

Whilst all official feedback is coming through our Beta Forum, some of our testers have been getting vocal on Twitter.  We should be disapproving and indignant of course – after all, it’s top secret Beta Testing!  But it’s hard to argue with such good praise – as long as they’re not giving away all of our surprises…

Wallace Tait Twitter

Wallace Tait TwitterAdrian Griffith Twitter

Welcome to the ThinkBuzan Blog!

Hello to all and welcome to the brand new ThinkBuzan blog! With so much happening and so many exciting developments on the road ahead, we are literally bursting at the seams with things to share with you. So in lieu of literally shouting from the rooftops, we have decided on this far more practical outlet.

So here we are – the ThinkBuzan Blog is up and running and raring to go. We will be giving you regular updates on a little project we’ve been working on called iMindMap 5 – you might have heard us mention it… Plus all the latest product news, upcoming events + training, expert tips, articles, sneak peeks behind the scenes at ThinkBuzan, and any other little morsels you want to hear about – just give us your feedback on here!

We will also be offering up some enthralling and informative guest posts from our wide-reaching and far-flung network of experts: on learning, memory, creativity , innovation and much more – including regular posts from our company CEO, Chris Griffiths, and President, Tony Buzan.

We look forward to the beginning of a blossoming relationship with you, fellow thinkers – and please do give us your feedback – we are going to be on development overdrive this year so we want your ideas coming in thick and fast! Challenge extended…

Read what our CEO, Chris Griffiths, and President, Tony Buzan, have to say.

iMindMap 5 Release Imminent!

The ThinkBuzan team is fully galvanised and cannot wait to get iMindMap 5 out into the world.  Almost 2 years of late nights and sweaty brows, slaving away to create the most agile, intuitive and cutting edge Mind Mapping software conceivable, are very nearly at an end.  We are on the home stretch and after completely rebuilding iMindMap from the ground up, this labour of love is soon to be released into the wild.

Not wanting to do anything by halves, we have packed the new software full of brand new features that will blow your mind (in a good way).  You can visit the iMindMap 5 webpage for the full rundown of new features, but here are a couple tasty little tidbits of information to keep you going for now:

iMindMap Online

iMindMap Online

That’s right – iMindMap has gone onto the world wide web!  With iMindMap Online, wherever you are you can access and develop your ideas.  Collaborate with friends or colleagues on the other side of the world in real time with no obstacles.  iMindMap Online will give you the freedom to share and develop your ideas whenever, wherever, with whoever!

iMindMap 3D View3D View

Introducing the first ever, never seen before, totally exclusive, 3D Mind Map View!   See your ideas from a whole new perspective – from all perspectives – with this groundbreaking new view in iMindMap 5.  Letting you navigate around your map from all angles, 3D View brings your maps to life and takes you on an unforgettable journey!

Everybody in the office has been playing with 3D View at every opportunity – it is great fun to use and, we must warn you, very addictive.

Check out the iMindMap 5 page to find out what other features will be making their debut and the huge savings we have on offer…

2 Weeks til the first London ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Pathway!

The 8th-11th February will see us hosting the first ever ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Pathway in London.  We shall be hitting the capital in style, with the course being held in the centre of Mayfair, at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

In one of the most culturally vibrant and historically rich cities in the world, we will be holding our celebrated TLI course with iMindMap 5.  Those who attend will be amongst the first ever to explore our new software and see firsthand the huge leap forward iMindMap has made.

Tony Buzan

We have another treat in store for our future instructors…  They will be able to take advantage of the rare opportunity to meet the man behind the Mind Maps, the man who began it all, Tony Buzan.

He will be joining us for a Q&A session, giving delegates a chance to pick his brains – and trust us, he has an answer for everything!

We only have 2 more spaces on this increasingly popular 4 day accredited course – the spaces are filling up faster and faster every time!  If you are thinking about coming, book now not later.  Find out more about the TLI on the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Pathway page.

Message from Chris Griffiths CEO

This is an incredibly exciting time for us at ThinkBuzan.  Months of hard work are finally coming to fruition and rather than being understandably exhausted on this final stretch, the team here is full of energy and anticipation.  iMindMap 5 signals the beginning of a new era for ThinkBuzan.  It has laid the foundations for what will be a time of continuous development and enhancement.

We wanted to create an agile and responsive piece of software that fundamentally helps you to think better and capture your ideas.  We have packed it full of all the features you could want, from data sharing and linking to project management, but ensured that they don’t get in the way of an intuitive and creative experience.  With some brand new features that add more than a little swagger to iMindMap 5, like 3D View and MultiMaps, we can promise you some fun as well.

The release of iMindMap 5 next month is only the beginning.  Keep your eyes on ThinkBuzan because we have a lot more in store for you this year!

Chris Griffiths

Spotlight On: 3D View

3D View offers a completely new way of looking at your thoughts.  With easy to use navigation that lets you glide around your map from all angles, 3D view provides a totally original perspective.

If you’re trying to generate some new ideas, solve a stubborn problem or think strategically, sometimes you just have to stand back and clear your head.  3D View can give you the new angle you need to find that winning solution.

3D View is ideal for presentations and you can even get interactive and add your ideas and branches as and when they come to you.  Plus Presentation View also comes with 3D viewing options so you can wow your audiences with multi-dimensional presentations.

Our developers have created unique technology that produces these stunning organic shapes whilst remaining fast and usable.  To really appreciate what we’re talking about, we figure you need to see it for yourself.  So without further ado, we introduce 3D View…
Keep an eye out on the blog for more iMindMap 5 videos to come – including Presentation View with 3D!

Find out more about iMindMap 5.

A Word from Tony

2011 is looking to be the most exciting year in the history of Mind Mapping so far.  The hive of activity in the ThinkBuzan headquarters is truly thrilling to witness and the fast approaching release of iMindMap 5 will change everything!

iMindMap V4 showed the program’s ability to Mind Map on screen in the same way a human hand would on paper.  Now iMindMap 5 has made a quantum leap forward and to the naked eye seems to allow you to Mind Map at the speed of thought!  The new technology greatly increases the ability of the human and electronic brain to cooperate, and could help millions of people to think more intelligently.  Using it is a completely new and inspiring experience which I cannot wait to be shared with the world!

I am also delighted to be a part of this new expansion of ThinkBuzan’s communication network.  I look forward to contributing my own news and updates, observations and advice.  Just one more way we will be pushing forward in our mission to promote global mental literacy!  See you here soon!

Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan signature

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