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Want a Biggerplate of iMindMap?

With summer in the air outside and the office on a high from releasing iMindMap 5 Basic for free earlier this month, we at ThinkBuzan are feeling all about sharing right now.  What better way to bring people together than through the universal language of Mind Mapping?  And so today we are officially joining forces with Biggerplate – the Mind Map Gallery.

Biggerplate logoNow there is the perfect place to share and view your iMindMap maps on all different topics, across business and education and everything in between, with people all over the world.  Get involved and discover some great ideas for a more efficient way of doing something, or a explanation for a topic that suddenly makes the cogs click into place.

“We are really looking forward to working with Biggerplate and witnessing the community that joining forces with Biggerplate will create for iMindMap users.  Our users are highly creative and pragmatic as a group and we are excited to see the solutions and ideas they can start sharing with each other through Biggerplate.  iMindMap is designed to let you do what you do, but faster and better, and now this community will help get the innovative results out there for more to benefit from!”

Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan

With over 17,000 members uploading and downloading, and over 1,000 maps to peruse, there is a bounty of information and inspiration at your fingertips.  Biggerplate was first launched in January 2008, and since its launch there have been almost 140,000 Mind Map downloads.

Biggerplate website

“We are absolutely delighted to be adding iMindMap 5 to Biggerplate. The quality of the software and the enthusiasm of the iMindMap community meant this was a very easy decision for us to make. We hope to see lots of iMindMap users joining us at Biggerplate soon, and we are very excited to engage with a whole new community of mind map users. Most of all, we look forward to seeing iMindMap users adding their own maps to the library at Biggerplate, so that everyone can learn about the numerous ways in which iMindMap is being used in businesses, schools, and homes around the world!”

Liam Hughes, Founder of Biggerplate

If you have created, and maybe regularly use, a map that really helps you – throw it up on Biggerplate and give a little back to the community!  We are stepping up our game this year to try and make sure more people can find ways to think better and get the most out of their grey matter, and this is a quick and beneficial way that you can get involved too.  Discovered something that works for you?  Pay it forward and hopefully we’ll all be eating from a Biggerplate!

Do it like the Royals – 5 Steps to Planning a Wedding Stress-Free

Part 1 of iMindMap in Motion Series

Will & Kate29th April 2011 is a date firmly circled on the calendar of millions around the globe.  An estimated 2 billion people will tune in to watch the nuptials of a future King and Queen of England.  And why the hype?

Whilst it is certainly an important day that will become a part of our cultural history, the main reason we will all be perched on the edge of our seats, riveted and thrilled, is because we know it will be a fantastic show.

Nobody can do a wedding like the Royal family can do a wedding.  Everyone remembers where they were when Charles and Diana gave shy waves from the steps of Westminster and, even though we have no personal connection to Will and Kate, we want to be a part of the glamour and ageless elegance they will deliver.

Around 1,900 people will attend the service at Westminster Abbey, 650 will attend the lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace and 300 the dinner that evening.  This is a wedding of epic proportions and it has all been arranged in less than 6 months!  Just thinking about the planning involved and pressure for perfection are enough to make you reach for a nice cup of tea and thank heavens you’re on the other side of the TV screen.

The Mall

I have had my own taste of the half-crazed world of wedding planning recently, after my good friend Lyndsey asked me to be her Maid of Honour.  Thrilled to be asked, I was unaware of the chaos I would soon be a part of.  How I soon longed for those halcyon days when I was oblivious to the politics of hen party planning and the logistics of transporting and accommodating over 100 people in peak wedding season.

The breaking point came when my formerly calm and rational friend was weeping (yes, weeping) hot tears of frustration over her laptop whilst trying to order the wedding invitations, ‘because the text just. wont. fit. on.’  Enough was enough.

Tea and biscuitsI took the laptop from her, swept the mound of magazines, leaflets and scrap paper off the coffee table, and took out my laptop.  After making her a strong cup of tea and insisting she eat a chocolate biscuit whilst the computer loaded up, I opened up iMindMap. (Now available free)

We spent the next hour going through every little detail of the wedding plans and what needed to be done.  From the Order of Service to mudwraps, we covered it all.  Just talking through everything and mapping it out in a simple and unintimidating format managed to ebb the tide of tears and soon we were looking the monster in the eye and saying ‘well, that’s not so bad.’

And here is how it’s done…

1. Begin by chucking in everything you can think of that needs to be done, from the small decisions to the mammoth tasks, branching them off in every direction.  Don’t worry too much about structure yet – you just want to try and unload what’s currently bouncing around in your head into iMindMap.

2. Next you need to make some sense of the mess.  Start grouping branches together under the main elements of the event – service, reception, pre-wedding, honeymoon, the Bridal Party, miscellaneous – however works best for you.  Create sub-topics within these, such as clothes, or transport, and wherever possible use an image instead of text to keep the map visual and dynamic.

Wedding Mind Map

Organising and Grouping Tasks

(click images and expand to full screen)

3. Add deadlines wherever appropriate.  Use icons as well, such as colour coding with flags, so that you can easily filter your map to find all of the tasks that need doing immediately, before the day, on the day and so on.  If you really want to go all out, you can use iMindMap’s Project View and the Tasks tab to set milestones, predecessors and link up to Microsoft Outlook.

Secondary Tasks

Map filtered by orange flags to show secondary tasks

4. Add any relevent files or webpages to the corresponding branches on your map.  You can link to the guestlist, hotel website, attach images of the bridesmaid dresses and venue.  Anything to do with the big event should be either seen on the map, or within one click of the map.  This isn’t just the plan and To Do list, it is the wedding filing system!

5. Throw away all of the scribbled To-Do’s you have accumulated and bask in the glow of the organised art on your screen.

The Warlow-Thomas Wedding

The Warlow-Thomas Wedding

Now this is a living document, so keep referring to it, adding to it, ticking things off.  Whenever things are getting overwhelming again, pull out a print out of your Wedding map and remember that nothing that can fit on one piece of paper can possibly be that scary.  Go back to the drawing board, assess objectively what needs to be done, prioritise and get on with it.  As you tick things off the list you can minimise branches using Expand & Collapse to get a clear picture of  the progress you are making.

Keep the inner circle up to date by exporting your map from iMindMap to an image file and emailing it out to everyone regularly – a very quick and easy way to keep the family informed!  Plus, make sure you keep hold of it afterwards to pass onto friends or relatives taking the plunge in the future – as my answerphone and I found out, it doesn’t just benefit the bride to take the stress out of the planning.

That’s all there is to it – whilst I cannot promise that your iMindMap map will defend your big day against hurricanes or power failures, I can promise that it will be an anchor to sanity.  Break it down, divide it up, keep it updated and you can plan a wedding extravaganza with an air of ethereal calm to rival the Royals.Calm woman

Download iMindMap for FREE today

Plus, stay tuned for the next installment in our new series, iMindMap in Motion….

Travels to Kenya, Sierra Leone and Dubai by Tony Buzan

I have recently returned from almost 2 months travelling to some truly wonderful places for some very exciting events.  I would now like to share a few snapshots of my journey – a photo diary of events…

I began by flying to Sierra Leone for 4 days on behalf of The Brain Trust to work with the Build on Books appeal with CODEP – an initiative working to establish new school libraries in the region.  Whilst there I presented on mental literacy principles to 180 Sierra Leone teachers and worked for 2 hours a day with a group of students on Mind Mapping, which was a wonderful experience.

Mind Mapping Class in Sierra Leone

We were also giving away books to the children there and it was wonderful to see a real thirst for learning.  The children were reaching out for books in the same way you might see teenagers in the UK reaching out for popstars on a stage.

Handing out the Mind Maps and books in Sierra Leone

Teachers from schools in northern England had also come over to Sierra Leone to share useful pedagogical tools with the local teachers.  I was delighted to discover that many of the schools they had travelled from were, in fact, Mind Mapping schools.

Stopping for a brief visit in Ghana, I then made my way to Kenya, arriving on Valentine’s day.  There I spent 2 weeks writing, in a stone and thatched bungalow by an estuary, in mangrove swamps just south of Mombasa.  No TV, no radio, no newspapers and no electric lighting visible at night anywhere – all I could see were the stars.


I was there until 28th February, working on my upcoming new books, exercising every day and working on poetry and art – drawing local bird life.  I also observed the cattle herded by Masai warriors – the most beautifully poised people in the world.  I saw the great baobab trees that make our biggest oaks look like saplings.

After travelling north I then flew from Nairobi to Dubai for the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor course on the 6th March.  Yet another successful course and a beautiful dinner cruise down the river with the delegates – including ThinkBuzan Chairman, Brian Lee, joining in on his first TLI.  As one of the first groups to explore the phenomenal iMindMap 5, it was thrilling to be involved.

Tony with the TLI delegates in Dubai

Following the TLI came the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature – 5 days celebrating the written word featuring the best authors and poets in the world today.  I gave 2 talks at the festival on Mind Maps for Business, and on harnessing the power of poetry to enhance the brain and enrich the spirit.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2011

I met the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, whilst I was there and discovered that he is himself a published and practising poet, and supports poets in his own country very strongly.  I also spoke with the wonderful poet, Benjamin Zephaniah, about the need for teaching children to use their imagination, and use metaphor, to help them become better thinkers.

Michael Palin’s talk was excellent and I was thrilled to speak with him and his wife at the dinner that evening.  We discussed the nature of imagination and humour in creativity and memory.  Also, how he was destined to have a fantastic memory due to the excellent training he had when working on Monty Python.  Monty Python was practically built upon mnemonic techniques and the pairing of opposites!

Michael Palin at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Tony Buzan signature

iMindMap 5. Quicker. Easier. Better.

We have talked a lot about what iMindMap 5 will bring, and now you can try it for yourself! iMindMap 5 isn’t just about a few extra features. It’s been rebuilt from the ground up, and as well as the look and feel being totally different (thanks to native Windows and Mac interfaces), it is also faster and more agile. iMindMap 5 will also be shaped by you, as we are planning an aggressive update schedule. Let us know what you want to see in the software and we’ll try and include it – you will literally see iMindMap evolve month-by-month.

So the wait is over and you can finally give iMindMap 5 a test drive, even if you have trialled iMindMap before! Explore for yourself all of the groundbreaking features, including 3D View, MultiMaps, SmartLayout and Smart Cells. Trial Now.

iMindMap 5 Smart Cells

If you don’t need any more convincing, why not Buy Now and get free access to iMindMap Online. The cloud has arrived, allowing you to access your Maps wherever you are and collaborate in real-time. It’s the next step in communicating, sharing ideas and information. And you can get your hands on it today – just Buy Now.

iMindMap 5 Features TableWe won’t tell you how great iMindMap 5’s features are, just take a look at the complete features table by clicking on the link below and see what some of our first beta users had to say.

Features Table

“It’s the perfect environment for doing visual presentations… gorgeously smooth… Presentations look very cool in 3D. If you’re looking for some extra sizzle to impress your audience, this will definitely do the trick.”

The Mind Mapping Software Blog

“I have just discovered the MultiMaps feature and played with it in Presentation View and in 3D View – WOW – you developers did some real impressive work to bring iMindMap to the next level of real brain-friendly work AND to show complex processes, too!”

Michael Landers

“Liking the instant conversion of a Mind Map to a project!”

Peter, Beta Tester

“Enjoying the SmartLayout feature…Nice!”

Carol, Beta Tester

What do you think?Feedback megaphone

Share your thoughts and ideas with us on our brand new Feedback Forum.  iMindMap 5 is a versatile and adaptable tool, eager to flex its muscles – so we want to know your ideas and your suggestions.

What do you want to see in iMindMap?  Visit our Feedback Forum and get vocal!  You can also check out what other iMindMappers are suggesting, add your thoughts on them and vote for your favourite ideas.  We’ll see you there!

A Dream Made Real – Tony on iMindMap 5

At last the months of work have come to fruition and I am overjoyed to see in iMindMap 5 the manifestation of a dream I’ve had ever since I first formed the idea of Mind Mapping.

This is a remarkably intelligent piece of software and I am teetering on the edge of my seat to see the change it will bring to the way people think about thinking.  The team at ThinkBuzan have put everything into iMindMap 5 and the result is a revolution.

I hope you are as thrilled as I am with iMindMap 5 and look forward to hearing how you will put it to use!

Tony Buzan signature

Tony on iMindMap 5

Hear Tony talk about iMindMap 5 and what it means to him.

iMindMap 5 is here, a message from Chris Griffiths

The day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and we are thrilled to announce that iMindMap 5 is now available!

The ThinkBuzan team has worked extremely hard to rebuild iMindMap completely from the ground up, and I would like to thank them all for their commitment and dedication – I feel very lucky to work with such a great team. Also, a big thank you goes to all of our Beta Testers, Trainers and Users, who provided invaluable feedback in developing iMindMap 5.

iMindMap 5 has lots of new features and a brand new interface, so there is plenty to explore. My favourite features include 3D View, which I love presenting with, and MultiMaps, as I find that I often have related Mind Maps which deserve their own space, but belong on the same page. If you have trialled iMindMap V4 in the past, you can start afresh and take iMindMap 5 for a test drive – come back and tell us your first reactions! Plus our cloud application, iMindMap Online, is also released today. I look forward to hearing your feedback!

And remember, it doesn’t end here. iMindMap 5 will offer our most aggressive update plan yet, and we expect to make improvements and enhancements regularly, so you will literally see the software evolve in front of your eyes.

iMindMap 5

As part of the iMindMap 5 launch, we have also released a brand new edition, iMindMap Basic, which is totally free! This is our way of getting everyone around the world to think and work differently for better results. It something we have wanted to do for a long time and are delighted that it is finally possible. But more on that on the blog later!

Chris Griffiths Signature

Chris on iMindMap 5

Check out this new video to hear Chris’ thoughts on how iMindMap has grown.

iMindMap Online IME Input Issues with Flash 10.2

We have found an issue that may be affecting Japanese users of iMindMap Online.

Currently users of IME (Input Method Editors) running Adobe Flash 10.2 or above are facing issues in using the instant typing system in iMindMap Online, which allows you to select and start typing on a branch. This is a problem with the latest IME improvements with the Adobe Flash SDK.

We are working to solve these issues for our users, but in the meantime a simple workaround can be found by double clicking on a branch, or clicking F2 on your keyboard, to open the text editor. This will circumvent the instant type system so you can add text to your branches.

As soon as a solution is found to this we will update the online editor and your computer will be automatically updated with instant type fully working. We apologise for any inconvenience and we hope you are enjoying exploring iMindMap 5!

Flash 10.2 に関連したiMindMap Onlineにおける IME 入力の不具合について

iMindMap Onlineをご利用になる日本のお客様に影響を及ぼします不具合を確認しておりますのでご報告申し上げます。
現在 Adobe Flash 10.2 以上を使用している環境でIMEの入力を利用したiMindMap Onlineのインスタント入力システム(ブランチを選択し入力を開始する際に使用しています)において不具合がございます。この問題はAdobe Flash SDKの最新のIMEに関連する改善/更新に起因しています。

本件につきまして解決策をご提示できる状態になりましたらiMindMap Onlineの編集機能を更新いたします。これによりお客様が利用される環境においても正常にインスタント入力の機能をご利用いただけるようになります。不具合により皆様にご不便をお掛け致しますこと、心よりお詫び申し上げます。

“A Different Animal” – Tony and Chris on iMindMap 5

In this exclusive interview, Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, and Chris Griffiths, the man behind iMindMap, discuss what iMindMap 5 means to them and the personal journey of rebuilding iMindMap from the ground up, finishing with the completely “different animal” of iMindMap 5.

Find out about Tony’s and Chris’ favourite features, how they are committed to improving this new tool and why “cool” is so important to ThinkBuzan.

It’s the final countdown!

Yes, in the words of that seminal 1980s classic, it really is the final countdown to iMindMap 5. And what a journey it’s been!  We want to extend our thanks to you, our users, blog posters, beta testers and friends who have been invaluable in providing feedback and letting us know what YOU want for iMindMap 5 – it really is appreciated! And with that in mind, let’s have a final recap of our iMindMap 5 offers, where you can make great savings.

All users, whether they are purchasing for the first time or upgrading from existing versions of iMindMap, will receive free iMindMap Online access, so you can access your Mind Maps wherever you are and collaborate in real time. We will announce our upgrade offers to existing iMindMap users on the launch date, April 6th, but we can assure you that there are plenty of savings to be made! And for our new users, remember that if you purchase iMindMap v4 before midnight (BST) April 5th you will be upgraded to iMindMap 5 at no cost, hassle-free!

There are still a couple of surprise announcements to make that will have to wait until April 6th, so make sure you join us at the ThinkBuzan blog and keep your eyes firmly on those inboxes for all of our launch offers!

Countdown….ready to launch…Don’t miss it!

“Dazzlingly versatile.”

“A solid business tool that can help you get many different types of work done…with style.”

The Mind Mapping Software Blog

“It has simply come of age as an information management tool for the 21st century.”

Wallace Tait, Visual Mapper

” I find myself totally at home in every aspect of iMindMap 5…a business tool which offers a creative, intuitive way to work seriously on projects – I love it!”

Michael Landers

Get ready for iMindMap 5 April 6th!

Quicker. Easier. Better.
3D. MultiMaps. Styles. SmartLayout. Online.

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