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4 Tips to Get Your Children Back to School – no fuss, no muss

The end of the summer holidays usually means frantic shopping, sulking children and grumpy parents.  It doesn’t have to be that way though – there is another way to settle back into the school routine!  Read on to see our top 4 tips to turn last minute mayhem into blissful efficiency…

1. Establish a Routine

One of the hardest adjustments after the long summer break is getting the kids back into the routine of early nights, early mornings, homework time etc.  The same goes for the parents.  You have to fit in school runs, making packed lunches, working around after-school clubs and whatever else your youngsters are up to.  Well getting organised is key to making the transition as smooth as possible.

Weekly Routine

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New title, new research, new images…more creative firepower!

Great news! It’s less than two months before the official release of my first solo book – GRASP The Solution (previously called GRASP Killer Ideas) and I’m all set to go.

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5.3 Is On Its Way

iMindMap 5.3 is coming soon and will see some exciting new developments. You’re the boss when it comes to iMindMap and thanks to you, it’s going from strength to strength!

5 New Languages5 New Languages

iMindMap is used by people all over the globe and we’re thrilled to make it accessible to millions more. With 5.3, you will be able to use iMindMap in the following languages:






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Summer Holidays = Bored Kids? Get Them Creating Their Most Imaginative iMindMap and WIN an iPod Touch!

Entertain, engage and educate the kids with our Creative Competition this summer!

Entertain the KidsWe’re well and truly into the summer holidays now and the kids are starting to get bored…  They have played every board game and lost half the pieces, watched their favourite films ten times over, and to top it off its raining outside.

Why not get them involved in our Creative Competition – a great way to occupy the fidgety kids and it’s completely FREE.

Get Mind Mapping and Win an iPod Touch!iMindMap Mobile Pro on the iPod Touch

Banish their boredom and get them Mind Mapping. All they have to do is create an imaginative iMindMap and in exchange we’re offering your child the chance to win a brand new iPod Touch equipped with the iMindMap Mobile Pro app to continue their Mind Mapping development even after the summer holidays are over.

To win this fantastic iPod Touch simply download the free-for-life Mind Mapping software tool (iMindMap Basic) and get your child to draw their most creative, imaginative and colourful Mind Maps.

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Record Breaking Winners at this Year’s UK Schools Memory Championships – Sponsored by ThinkBuzan

Record BreakingThe UK Schools Memory Championships

July saw three world records being smashed at the fifth annual UK Schools Memory Championships held in prestigious Keyworth Centre in London, proudly sponsored by ThinkBuzan.  The city of Sunderland dominated the top spots this year with five of the top ten competitors being from this area. The winner Mark Towers was the overall winner, recalling an amazing 155 words, 106 numbers, 21 fictional dates and 16 playing cards, giving him an overall score of 1448.  Mark was also the first ever male to win, another achievement!

The School Memory Championships are always an extremely popular event and this year was no exception! The event engages students in the sport of memory, developing their mental skills and encouraging advancement in their studies.

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The ThinkSmart Workshop

We ran a ThinkSmart Workshop last week, a free event for children from the local area.  18 youngsters ranging from the age of 2 to 17, plus a handful of eager parents, descended on the ThinkBuzan headquarters for an afternoon of brain-boosting sessions and activities.

The ThinkSmart Workshop

Covering creativity, learning skills, whole brain thinking and memory, we really put the kids through their paces.  Sessions were held by our resident ThinkBuzan experts, including two from CEO Chris Griffiths, and Tony Buzan finishing off the day with an energetic introduction to memory skills that even got the parents on their feet shouting the answers.

The ThinkSmart Workshop

The children made some fantastic Mind Maps on their summer holiday plans, impressing us all with their creative flare and quick uptake!

“They created some of the most beautiful first Mind Maps I have ever seen.”  Tony Buzan

A lively bunch, a special mention must be made for the enthusiasm and quick wits of one young participant, Ryan.  With his hand up and waving for every question, Ryan had to be held back to allow some of the other children to share their answers. When the rest of us were scratching our heads or counting up on on our fingers and toes, Ryan was shouting out the answers within milliseconds. It seemed we had a mathematical wizard in our midst and he was a pleasure to teach, as were they all.

A great day was had by all and everyone came away with lots of new ideas and skills, including how and when to Mind Map, all about whole brain thinking, how to use the iMindMap software, how to remember the planets of our solar system – in reverse order, and how to make a piece of paper super aerodynamic! We look forward to seeing what they do next, especially our man Ryan!

If you want to get your kids Mind Mapping this summer, take a look at 6 Tips to Activate Your Child’s Mind In The Summer Holidays. For more info on our training courses, visit the Training Centre.

The ThinkSmart Workshop

To see all of the photos from the ThinkSmart workshop, take a look here.

Independent Learning with Mind Mapping

Independant Learning with Mind MappingLast month Tony Buzan visited Kirkby Sports College in the Knowsley school district of North-West England for a day of Mind Mapping with the pupils.

This followed many months of conversation between ThinkBuzan and Knowsley as we have been watching them turn assumptions about what education should be on their head.

I spoke to Sue Baker, the Learning and Attainment Manager. She gave me the lowdown on Tony’s visit, what they’ve been doing to improve their academic status and what a ‘mentally literate’ school might look like.

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