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Can’t GRASP That Killer Idea? Then Join Chris Griffiths at the Like Minds Conference Oct 2011!

30th September 2011, by Chris Griffiths

So you’ve been looking at your innovative output and have decided it’s time for a new approach. You need to bring some fresh ideas to your business and performance if you’re going to avoid being ‘left behind’. Up to now, you’ve tried all sorts of creative tools and techniques but, for some reason, you’re just not hitting on that killer idea that you really need – the one that will lead you to conquer your specific challenge and overcome ‘sameness’.

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t realise it’s the barriers they impose on themselves that prevent them from coming up with really great ideas. I’ll be speaking about this subject and more at the Like Minds Innovation + Opportunity Conference in Exeter, UK on 20th October, the day following the launch of my new book GRASP The Solution. My talk on ‘Why You Can’t GRASP That Killer Idea’ kicks off at 10am during the ‘Disrupting the Norms’ session. Join me at the event and find out how to let go of the unhelpful thinking habits that hold you back from applying your limitless creative potential. Tickets are available now with a special early bird rate.

For more information or to register for the event go to

It would be great to see you there!

Chris Griffiths

ThinkBuzan CEO Interviews Top Innovation Author Stephen Shapiro

27th September 2011, by Chris Griffiths

Last week I had the great fortune to interview Stephen Shapiro, one of the foremost authorities on innovation in business and author of one of my much loved books on the subject – 24/7 Innovation: A Blueprint for Surviving and Thriving in an Age of Change.

We chatted about his new book Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition which highlights how many of our current efforts to boost innovation can actually destroy it! Watch the interview and learn about some of Stephen’s counterintuitive yet proven strategies for encouraging innovation in the workplace.

Watch my interview with Stephen Shapiro here:

Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition by Stephen Shapiro is out on 29th September 2011 and is available on Amazon.  Visit for more information.

iMindMap 5 is on fire!

The latest release from iMindMap 5’s promised aggressive update schedule has proved a big hit amongst our iMindMap users as well as the ThinkBuzan team! Following the release of the 5.3 update, we received an astounding amount of feedback from users through our blog, Feedback Forum and even our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Comments such as “iMindMap is on fire”, “This update is a big one and well worth it” and “Clean Up is magical” have been circulating the inboxes of ThinkBuzan for the past few weeks, and we’ve been delighted by those who have taken the time to get in touch. So much so, that we’ve decided to share some of the feedback.

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A Young Mind Mapper’s First Steps

Engaging the children

This August, ThinkBuzan hosted a Mind Mapping competition for under 16’s in the hope of tearing the children away from the computer console and steering them toward something more productive and beneficial to their brains.

One young Mind Mapper in particular really grabbed our attention after emailing us for tips on how to improve his Mind Maps to better his chances of winning the coveted iPod Touch with iMindMap Mobile Pro. His eagerness to learn and his drastic development impressed us so much; we just had to find out more!

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Innovation Plus ‘Practical Creativity’ a Must in the Workplace – Chris Griffiths’ Interview with JournoNews

I was recently interviewed by JournoNews publication. Check out the article for insights on innovation in the workplace and some perspectives from my new book ‘GRASP The Solution’.

Here’s a taster of the interview:

JournoNews chats with Chris Grif­fiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan and author of ‘GRASP The Solu­tion’, a refresh­ingly prag­matic approach to mak­ing deci­sions and solv­ing prob­lems creatively.

What prompted you to write ‘GRASP The Solution’?

Essen­tially, it was a life­long study into mod­ern brain based strate­gies that, bit by bit, led to my desire to write the book. Over the years, I’ve applied strate­gies based on how the brain works in all the com­pa­nies I’ve been involved in. For instance, at Birch­field, where our edu­ca­tional prod­ucts were in 80% of UK sec­ondary schools, we didn’t focus just on the con­tent, we focused on the deliv­ery of the con­tent to stu­dents and the impact it had on the brain.

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Mind Mapping Works – It’s a Fact!

Mind Mapping is a world renowned process used by over 250,000,000 people. So, what is it about the phenomenon of Mind Mapping that so many people have grown to depend on? Read on for some of the Mind Mapping research highlights from the full Why Mind Mapping Works article on our website.

The Science behind Mind Mapping

Radiant Thinking

Radiant Thinking

P.K. Anokhin showed in ‘The Forming of Natural and Artificial Intelligence’ that the brain likes to work on the basis of association and it will connect every idea, memory or piece of information to tens, hundreds and even thousands of other ideas and concepts.

This is what a Mind Map does. Information is structured in a way that mirrors exactly how the brain functions – in a radiant rather than linear manner. A Mind Map literally ‘Maps’ out your thoughts, using associations, connections and triggers to stimulate further ideas. A Mind Map allows you to extract the ideas from your head and put them into something visible and structured.

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And the winner is…

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our Summer Holiday Mind Mapping Competition is Rodrigo Ruben Valenzuela Domingez, who created a Mind Map called ‘To be Happy’.

The ThinkBuzan team would like to offer a big ‘Congratulations!’ to Rodrigo, who will be the proud owner of a brand spanking new iPod Touch which is fully equipped with the iMindMap Mobile Pro app so that he can continue his Mind Mapping adventures and storytelling!

Para Ser Feliz map

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iMindMap 5 Goes Multilingual

iMindMap is used around the world, by people of all nationalities, so it has always been a priority of ours to get the software out in many languages.  As of last week, 6 new languages were added and now total of 8 languages are supported in iMindMap 5.3.  iMindMap 5.3 is available in English, US English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

Translation is never an easy task and we would like to send our appreciation to all of our translators and contributors for their dedicated work and generosity in sharing their knowledge and time.

The iMindMap 5 Translators

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iMindMap 5.3 Is Here!

It’s that time again when we call on the Development Team to tear their eyes away from code and give us the lowdown on the latest iMindMap news.  So here’s James, Captain of the iMindMap Desktop crew, to fill you in on what magic they’ve worked for 5.3….

It’s update time again for all you iMindMappers out there! We’re proud to present to you iMindMap 5.3 which is now available through our in-app updates and to download via our website. Read our How-To-Guide on Updates to see how you can get your hands on this exciting new release.

In this post I have listed some of the major changes to make it into the 5.3 release, but that’s only scratching the surface of what our development team has delivered. In total we’ve made over a hundred changes to iMindMap to make your Mind Mapping experience the best ever.

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