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What Scares You? 7 Steps to Defining the Problem

PumpkinAt this particular time of year your instinctive response to this question will probably be along the lines of ghosts and vampires, red rum, a sinister video tape, teenagers in hockey masks or malevolent entities named Toby…

However, I’d wager a guess that whilst the thought of these ghoulish figures does occasionally send involuntary shivers up your spine and prompt you to check in the wardrobe before going to bed, they aren’t what truly scares you.

For most of us the answers are far more rooted in everyday reality. What if I don’t pass that test? What if sales don’t pick up? What if I don’t get that promotion? Doubt that we can meet challenges head on and succeed. Well as every half-good horror film in the past 90 years has taught us, the only way to overcome a fear is to face it. Pull off the mask, confront the demon, find out everything about it until you know exactly how to destroy it.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Download iMindMap Basic

1)      They say the best things in life are free…

And we completely agree – you can use iMindMap for free for life by downloading the iMindMap Basic edition. iMindMap Basic is the perfect tool to get you Mind Mapping quicker and easier than you might think with its intuitive interface and helpful video tutorials.

ThinkBuzan’s iMindMap is the only Mind Mapping software from Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Mapping, and best-selling author of over 100 books including the best-selling ‘The Mind Map Book’ and ‘Use Your Head’.

The creators of iMindMap, ThinkBuzan, are the world’s leading experts in creativity, with over 40 years of experience and a customer database consisting of users within organisations such as Disney, NASA, Oxford University, Microsoft and the BBC. Who better to start Mind Mapping with?

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iMindMap 5.4: It’s Free and it’s nearly here!

We’ve done it again! It’s only been a matter of weeks and another free update for iMindMap 5 is on its way! Free to all iMindMap 5 users, 5.4 is coming soon and here is what you can expect:

  • Branch Pins – for creative layout control *NEW*

SmartLayout has got even smarter! Pin branches so SmartLayout can work its magic on your map, ignoring any pinned branches for complete creative control.

(Not available within iMindMap Basic)

  • Simple, visual Branch Ordering *IMPROVED*

Order your branches visually for quick, easy and simple branch ordering. Plus, use the Outline panel to make use of our new instant one-click Ordering options. Makes exporting and presenting a breeze.

(Only available within iMindMap Ultimate)

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Take a Closer Look: Watch Highlights from our latest ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course

Many people ask us what they can expect from our ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI) course – what better way to answer this than by letting them see for themselves?

Take a look at our video highlights from the latest TLI course held in the home city of ThinkBuzan, Cardiff, UK.   Hear from the TLI graduates themselves as they share what they took away from the course, along with clips of Chris Griffiths presenting his new philosophy ‘GRASP The Solution’ and Tony Buzan’s inspiring explanation of where Mind Mapping originated from:

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It’s Launch Day! ‘GRASP The Solution’ is officially released

19th October 2011, by Chris Griffiths

Finally the day has arrived! Today is the official launch date of my new book ‘GRASP The Solution’. It’s fantastic to see the media getting excited about the book and feedback from early readers has been exceptionally positive. Last week, the early pre-release copies from sold out in a matter of days and ‘GRASP The Solution’ went on to become a bestseller before launch – hitting number 2 in the overall Business category!

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Get ready to ‘GRASP The Solution’ – less than a week until the official launch!

14th October 2011, by Chris Griffiths

It’s almost here! In less than one week (19th October) my new book GRASP The Solution will be officially launched.  The early pre-release copies from have already sold out and the book is currently ranked in the top 100 out of the 5  million books sold on Amazon – number 3 in the Business category!

My goal in writing this book was to lend a huge helping hand to entrepreneurs and individuals who feel they sometimes struggle to make the ‘right’ decisions, are regularly disappointed by the results of their brainstorming sessions or at a complete loss on how to take their business forward.

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Chris Griffiths is interviewed by leading innovation expert Stephen Shapiro

7th October 2011, by Chris Griffiths

Regular visitors to the blog will know that, a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview innovation expert Stephen Shapiro on this new book, Best Practices Are Stupid.

Later that day I caught up with Stephen again and, this time, the tables were turned. With the imminent launch of my new book, GRASP The Solution, Stephen ‘grasped’ the chance to ask me a few questions on topics covered in the book. In the video, we chat about the GRASP modes of thinking, Mind Mapping, evaluating ideas using generative ‘whole brain’ thinking and the importance of system and process for successful innovation.

Watch the interview here:


GRASP The Solution by Chris Griffiths is a refreshingly pragmatic guide to making decisions and solving problems creatively. The book is out on 19th October 2011 and is available to pre-order on Amazon right now!

Pre-order Today!

Want To Learn More About GRASP The Solution?

  • View contents and chapter summaries
  • Download a pdf excerpt
  • Watch insightful videos featuring author Chris Griffiths
  • Sign up for taster chapters and templates
  • Hear what people have to say
  • …and much more!





私達はiMindMap Mobile ProがインストールされたiPod Touchを得るためにどのような工夫や改善が必要なのかという質問を送ってくれた一人の若いマインドマッパーに興味を惹かれました。学ぶことへの熱意そしてその過程での成長と進化にとても感銘を受けた私達はさらに彼のことを知りたくなり彼についてブログの記事を作成しました。

iMindMap ではじめるのは簡単!


フィル君は学校で多少マインドマップを習ったことはあったそうですが、学校で使用されていたソフトウェアに興味がもてずその後ほとんどマインドマップからは離れていたそうです。フリー版のiMindMap Basicをダウンロードしてからフィル君はコンテストに大きな興味を持ちました。iMindMapのビデオチュートリアルなど無償で提供されているリソースをフル活用したフィル君によると「iMindMap YouTubeの2分間チュートリアルを見たら、ソフトウェアの使い方のほとんどを把握でき、使い方が簡単なのですぐにマインドマップを始めることができた!」そうです。
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