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Discount Code: JINGLE

Enter the discount code in the Shopping Cart when purchasing

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A Medical Student using iMindMap

In a special guest blog post, medical student Amelia from Queen Mary, University of London reveals how she uses iMindMap to help her through her medical degree.

I have always been a conscientious, hard working student yet I dread exams. All the knowledge laboriously collected over the year seems to remain locked away and although it’s there I feel I can never quite consolidate it totally and confidently.

I was ‘diagnosed’ with dyslexia at the age of 10, which has added to my struggle.  I am a medical student in my 4th year, studying in London. Last year I intercalated and studied for a BSC in Experimental Pathology. This is conventionally a three-year degree, which I took in a year – as you can imagine, a great deal of work.  There was a lot to learn and I was keen, yet I was near despair as I felt it was impossible to consolidate and retain the year’s work.

Discovering Mind Mapping

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Daydreaming At Work

18th November 2011, by Chris Griffiths

Focused daydreaming is one of the most effective tools for heightening creativity and cultivating powerful solutions to all sorts of business issues. While most bosses may frown upon daydreaming as a complete ‘waste of time’, I’ve recently been flying the flag for its strategic use in the workplace.

Listen to my interview with Henry Bonsu of Colourful Radio for more clarity on the creativity-enhancing benefits of this technique:

Chris Griffiths Interview with Colourful Radio

Also, please check out my guest article on where I go into detail on the value of daydreaming and how to use it purposefully:

‘Focused Daydreaming – A Practical Tool for Creativity’ from Chris Griffiths

Want to know more about Focused Daydreaming?

Focused daydreaming (or ‘Thought Experiments’) is one of several creativity topics and tools covered in my latest book GRASP The Solution: How to find the best answers to everyday challenges. In this book, I outline how rising entrepreneurs or those interested in self-development can use daydreaming strategically to access the deeper parts of the mind and develop champion ideas and solutions.

Spotlight On: ThinkBuzan Cloud (beta): Connect your Computers with the Cloud

Brand new to iMindMap 5.4 is the much anticipated ThinkBuzan Cloud!

ThinkBuzan Cloud (beta) is your own personal space online from ThinkBuzan where you can securely save all the Mind Maps you create in iMindMap and iMindMap Online.

Whilst the brand new ThinkBuzan Cloud is under beta testing, it’s available to iMindMap Home & Student users,iMindMap Ultimate users and all those with an iMindMap Online subscription for absolutely free!

ThinkBuzan Cloud is also a tool of convenience and a real time-saver for those of you Mind Mappers using iMindMap on multiple computers. Simply save your iMindMap Mind Maps to ThinkBuzan Cloud and you can always access the most recent and up-to-date version of your maps on any computer that has iMindMap software installed, or in iMindMap Online.

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Anyone Can Be Creative – Chris Griffith’s Interview with

16th November 2011, by Chris Griffiths

Biggerplate interviewNot long ago I had the great privilege to be interviewed by Liam Hughes of We had an enjoyable chat about my new book GRASP The Solution, the value of thinking creatively in tough times and the role that Mind Mapping can play.

Liam challenged me to share my perspectives on all sorts of sticky matters concerning creativity and innovation. Crucially, I debunk the myth that some people aren’t the ‘creative type’ or don’t have a creative brain. With the aid of a defined system and process, absolutely anyone can be creative and put new ideas into practice.

Other topics discussed include the GRASP concept and how the different modes of thinking affect creativity, the Solution Finder process for achieving ‘practical creativity’ and the usefulness of Mind Maps for capturing and cultivating ideas.

It’s well worth checking out. Read the complete interview on

iMindMap 5.4.1 is Here: Welcome to NEW & IMPROVED Speed Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping has now become even faster!

The speedy new release of the free iMindMap 5.4.1 update, OUT TODAY, brings the welcome addition of some new, and some improved Speed Mind Mapping tools.  Here at ThinkBuzan, we’re all about finding new ways to help iMindMap users make the most of their precious time; we’re sure the brilliant new buttons will enable you to spend less time on the construction and more time on the important content of your Mind Map!

Have You Been Using Speed Mind Mapping?

iMindMap has always had built-in Speed Mind Mapping tools so you can create Mind Maps using just your keyboard but many users don’t even realise it is there! Bin your mouse and move over to an even quicker, faster and easier way of capturing your ideas.

Speed Mind Mapping works in conjunction with the timesaving SmartLayout feature so that you can record your ideas whilst the clever SmartLayout neatly lays out your branches for you – avoiding collisions or overlapping. Impressive huh?

Want to know how?
Read on or watch the video…
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iMindMap 5.4 is here!

James, the Captain of the iMindMap Desktop crew, is back again to fill you in on what the Development Team have been up to for iMindMap 5.4….

It’s that time again – iMindMap is getting another fantastic update! We’re proud to present to you iMindMap 5.4 which is now available through our in-app updates and to download via our website. Read our How-To-Guide on Updates to see how you can get your hands on this exciting new release.

iMindMap 5.4

In addition to the iMindMap 5.4 update, we are also introducing a new iMindMap desktop product range. You can find out more about the new range here.

This release is a big one and we’re very excited to put it into your hands. We’ve been driving all the people here at ThinkBuzan HQ harder than ever to offer a release that’s packed with goodies for you to enjoy. Check out the major changes in 5.4 below, whilst we all head off for a relaxing spa day…

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Introducing the new iMindMap Desktop Product Range…

Coinciding with the release of iMindMap 5.4, we have streamlined our product offering for iMindMap on the desktop. With iMindMap, simplicity is king, so we have trimmed our range down and now offer 3 core editions:

(Find out all about iMindMap 5.4 here)

iMindMap Free TrialiMindMap Free Trial

Our 7 day free trial allows you to experience with the full iMindMap feature set and create stunning Mind Maps.

Download Now

iMindMap Home & Student

iMindMap Home & Student replaces iMindMap Elements, but with a big boost to its arsenal!

iMindMap Home & StudentTaking on a large chunk of the features and functionality previously found in iMindMap Pro, but at a fraction of the price, Home & Student provides a low-cost, feature-rich choice for planning, studying and organising.

Get more for your money with all of this at your fingertips:

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Let’s Get The World Mind Mapping For Free!

How Do We Know That You are Creative, Efficient, Proactive, Organised and Brain-fit?

creativity…Because you Mind Map!  Welcome you to the Club!  As a Mind Mapper, you are one of the few who are actively improving the way you think, who are increasing your creativity and who are ultimately becoming more efficient and effective.

As one of the 250 million people around the world, you’ll already know how beneficial the process of Mind Mapping can be in all areas of your business and personal life. Like us, at ThinkBuzan, you may be wondering how you ever managed without it.  But we don’t want to stop at 250 million people – we want the whole globe Mind Mapping!

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