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A Fresh Approach to the New Year

New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, the mental list of New Year’s resolutions starts to form; usually a lengthy list with the aim of dispelling annoying personal habits, or reaching professional goals – and always with a few of the usual suspects making a repeat performance from the year before.

Many New Year’s resolutions emanate from the downfalls, disasters and misjudgements of the previous year, as a last-ditch attempt to avoid repetition in the New Year. We think that by avoiding the same failures, we might somehow pave a path to a more positive outcome at the end of the next year.

CEO of ThinkBuzan and co-author of Mind Maps for Business, Chris Griffiths, argues that this reactive mode of thinking simply doesn’t cut it in the modern world. “What worked in the past no longer fits the bill so we’re being forced to ‘up our game’”.

Rather than simply avoiding making the same mistakes again, we need to be more creative and more innovative. We need to look forwards, for new opportunities and anticipating future bumps in the road. In other words, we need to be proactive.

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‘GRASP The Solution’ Gets Five Stars!

We were over the moon this week to come across a couple of top reviews of our CEO, Chris Griffiths’ recently released book GRASP The Solution.

The first came from ForeWord Reviews. Based in the United States, this organisation is one of the few remaining wholly independent review sources, which makes it even better to see GRASP The Solution receive a superb 5 star rating from their reviewer Barry Silverstein. The book is described as ‘far-reaching’ and ‘engaging’ and the Mind Mapping chapter was especially well-received!

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Don’t get Snowed Under this December!

We’re midway through December and the holiday festivities have well and truly begun! Tis the season of office parties; huge amounts of shopping to be done; mounds of food to be prepared; and for many of us, there’s added pressure as December marks the end of the working year. Like most of us, you’re probably feeling as though you need an extra day in the week to complete all the tasks on your to-do list by the end of the year.

Luckily, iMindMap is on hand to help you get organised and make the most of every precious minute during these festive holidays.

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Last Delivery Dates for Christmas

Beat the Christmas Rush

If you’re taking advantage of our 20% off seasonal sale to buy an iMindMap boxed product that you would like to receive before Christmas, please order before the recommended last delivery dates below.

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