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The First of ThinkBuzan’s Licensed Instructor Courses in 2012

20th January 2012, by Tony Buzan

The ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course at the St. David’s Hotel & Spa in Cardiff UK this January marked the beginning of an exciting and promising year for the growing troop of ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors and representatives of the ThinkBuzan brand!

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Spotlight On: Audio Notes

iMindMap’s Audio Notes are a quick and easy-to-use feature, enabling you to record and attach audio recordings to the branches of your Mind Map.

Audio Notes are a dynamic and time-saving feature with a multitude of uses to suit any of your Mind Mapping needs. Perfect for lectures, classes, and board meetings, Audio Notes allow you to record however many audio snippets of information you wish, as and when you receive it.

Audio Notes are also ideal for testing yourself on chunks of information you’re trying to learn or memorise. Perhaps you’re preparing for an exam; you can test yourself on the information you need to learn by adding questions to the text of your branch and recording the answers. Audio notes are also a useful language learning aid; by recording a native speaker, you can ensure you’re getting the pronunciation just right. Read More →

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