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Advice for users of the previous iMindMap apps

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A global network of creatives – the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors

With accredited trainers in over 40 countries around the globe, our ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor courses inspire creative thinking and innovation together with a unique neworking opportunity. Attendees from all four corners of the world share experiences and fresh ideas.

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iMindMap Freedom coming soon…

All new, redesigned and rebuilt apps for iPhone & iPad

More mobile apps on their way

Use the online editor to create and edit your maps on any computer

ThinkBuzan Cloud – Sync your maps so you can access them anywhere

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An Indecent(ly successful) Proposal: Mind Mapping and Creative Thinking for Proposal Development

Two months ago we received a letter for Tony Buzan from a company in Orlando, Florida, inviting him to come and take a tour of their facility. One month ago, when Tony and CEO, Chris Griffiths, were in Florida for the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course, they took them up on the offer and paid a little visit. What they saw there was a company that had incorporated Mind Mapping and creative thinking into their process so perfectly, that even Tony couldn’t find any room for improvement.

Tony Buzan at The Proposal Center in Orlando, Florida discussing Dr. Arnold J. Meagher’s Lawyering Mind Map. Left to Right, proprietor Carl Selfe, Kelly Selfe, Dr. Meagher, Mr. Buzan, and ThinkBuzan CEO Chris Griffiths.

The company is The Proposal Center, part of TechServ Inc., and they help other companies to develop and write government proposals. 16 years ago partners Carl K. Selfe and Dr. Arnold J. Meagher took a hard look at the proposal development process and identified what they believed to be the key weakness.

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Coming Soon: Tony Buzan’s Life-Changing Graph!

The Most Important Graph in the World by Tony Buzan with Jennifer Goddard & Jorge Castaneda

If you know anything about Tony Buzan, you’ll know that he’s enjoyed a long and full reign as an acclaimed speaker and authority in the realm of the brain, learning and memory. Now for the first time, he has committed to paper the subject which has most captivated his audiences with his amazing new book The Most Important Graph in the World.

In this completely new work, Tony offers an eye-opening and energising theory for what lies at the heart of any kind of personal or business success – your memory.

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Light Bulb Moments: Mind Mapping for Inspiration

We recently got chatting with our good friend, author and author mentor, Tom Evans, after seeing his latest map on Biggerplate. Like bees to honey, we can’t resist a good looking map with a story behind it, so we asked Tom to make a cameo on our blog and share it with our users…

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