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The worst thing to do in a speech or presentation…

I gave a speech at a wedding last year. It was terrifying. Having spoken in front of everyone from CEOs to UN Officials, I can tell you that speaking at someone’s wedding tops the scary list. The words you utter will be woven into lifelong memories and repeated to grandchildren in decades to come. It is, however, an excellent lesson in public speaking.

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High Education: Mind Mapping in Morocco

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Patrick Zimbardo, shared with us his recent experience working with Management students on their resumes using iMindMap

As Visiting Professor of Information Sciences, I recently worked with 60 students in their 4th year of International Management of HEM (High Education in Management), at one of the greatest business schools in Morocco, on Mind Mapping as part of a course in Competitive Intelligence.

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4 quick tricks for a more creative week

Shake things up this week and try out these four simple tricks for injecting some creativity into your work…

1.Monday Morning Part 1: Map out your goals for the week before checking your inbox

Don't answer emails like a robotThis is Productivity 101 but it has a massive impact on creativity too. Responding to emails like a robot answering commands removes your ability to think creatively, because you aren’t thinking for yourself – you’re taking orders.
This is reactive thinking and it will allow outside influences to dictate your focus and smother your creativity. So, decide what you want to achieve or explore this week and plan time for it before you open that inbox.

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iMindMap Sale Starts Today! 10% off Selected Products

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Spotlight On: Flowcharts

iMindMap Ultimate includes a very useful Flowchart feature, but have you tried it out yet? If not, have no fear for we will walk you through it step-by-step in our Flowcharts Quick Tips video…

If there is one thing we are passionate about at ThinkBuzan, it’s giving you the freedom to be creative and capture ideas in your own way. The ability to create flowcharts adds a powerful tool to the iMindMap kit, so you have a totally flexible canvas that bends to your will.

Try it out for yourself and don’t be afraid to mix it up and create new Mind Map-Flowchart hybrids!

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