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The iMindMap 6.1 Guide to Fighting the Fear

Ghosts? Vampires? Zombies? Pah! It is our Halloween tradition to consider some of the things that really scare us at ThinkBuzan; things that are far less gothic and even more difficult to defeat…

What if we’re boring? What if no one remembers us? What if we are left alone? (sob)

It isn’t a fear of a ghoul behind the door, or the call coming from inside the house that gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s a fear of not making an impact that really drives us; that motivates us to keep being creative and shy away from the trap of monotony.

Luckily we have dedicated ourselves to defeating this fearsome threesome and the only weapon we need in our arsenal is iMindMap! Take a look at the ammunition available in the upcoming iMindMap 6.1…
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Educators to artists embracing Mind Mapping in Singapore

Read on to find out how ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Thum Cheng Cheong, has been inspiring students, lecturers and the community in Singapore…

I am an Associate Lecturer for Business Law in the School of Business at UniSIM and the Subject Head of Business Law in the Diploma in Management Studies programme in SIM Global Education. I have been using Mind Maps and memory techniques to help students learn.

Recently, I was engaged as a programme writer to incorporate Study Skills into a new programme: Business Skills and Management. My appointment was due partly to my certification as a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and my Mind Mapping experience. I was the lead lecturer and coordinator in this module which includes speed reading, memory and Mind Mapping.

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iMindMap 6.1 out next week!

Only a matter of days left until the iMindMap 6.1 update and Freedom‘s Contacts & Sharing go live. As the countdown begins, take a look at what’s coming…

For more info, take a look at What’s Coming Next in iMindMap 6.1

Stop time-wasting meetings in their tracks

I once spent 90 minutes listening to someone describe, in excruciating detail, a concept that they’d already shown me 2 weeks earlier. Why did I do this? Because I didn’t want to be rude. Because we’d set aside 2 hours for the meeting anyway, so we might as well fill the time. Because we hadn’t confirmed the discussion points beforehand. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there is an answer! You can use iMindMap to save you time before, during and after meetings; ensure that you don’t fall asleep from boredom; and guarantee you get something worthwhile out of it. Here’s how…

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4 Steps to Time Control – Get a Grip On Your Workload

Walking into the office on a Monday, you’re already performing mental gymnastics trying to figure out how you’ll get through your task list for the week, only to be confronted by twenty equally urgent and demanding emails, messages and the phone ringing off the hook. Sound familiar?

Managing the bombardment of info you receive everyday and juggling the resulting tasks is in itself a full time job. There just aren’t enough hours in the day – so what can you do? Well, you can start by creating more hours.

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