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Enhancements to iMindMap for iOS devices

Our indefatigable team of developers are excited to announce 2013’s first update for iMindMap for iPhone and iPad. As well as swatting some of those bugs, we have some innovative new features…

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The Power of a mind to map: TonyBuzan@TEDxSquareMile

See Tony Buzan’s recent talk at the Tedx event in London.

“A new beginning for me!” on the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course

Kick starting the New Year, we held our latest ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course at the Hotel du Vin in Henley, UK. With a diverse group of new recruits in attendance, they were eager to explore their creativity, bounce ideas off one another and get to grips with the iMindMap software.

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course in Henley

Over the 4 day period, attendees from across the world learnt everything there is to know about Mind Mapping. Thanks to the GRASP solution system, Mind Mapping techniques and the iMindMap software tool, our recruits were able to take a new approach to a wide variety of tasks. Stimulating exercises and a concise step-by-step approach gave everyone the opportunity to harness their creativity, enhance mental performance and identify how they could use creative thinking techniques in their daily lives.

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4 Ways to Innovate in 2013

LightbulbGenerate genius ideas that work this year with tips from GRASP The Solution by ThinkBuzan CEO, Chris Griffiths

1. Brainstorm the right way

Contrary to popular belief, a team brainstorming session is often the death of big ideas.

The problem is, we are all very impressionable creatures and can’t help but react to those around us. This means that a group of people sitting down to fire out ideas will essentially only be reacting to the first idea voiced out loud. The following conversation will merely be a combination of people supporting or negating that first idea, and other ideas based on associations with the first. It becomes more of an analytical session rather than one of free-flowing ideas.

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