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7 Tips to Total Recall

Tony Buzan’s… Most Important Graph in the World

Allow me to introduce to you the Recall During Learning graph. Or as Tony Buzan would call it, the Most Important Graph in the World…

This graph is the bedrock for all global memory systems, a basis for creative thinking, and the theoretical foundation of Mind Mapping. It can improve and aid a broad range of areas, including public speaking, teaching, self-management, and of course memory. In this blog post we will become intimately acquainted with the graph, stripping it down to its components so that you can utilise it in your day to day life.

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New Features for iMindMap 6.2 – Coming Soon

It’s just around the corner…

After long hours of work and a few sleepless nights, our developers are now adding the finishing touches to iMindMap 6.2. The 6.2 update will be free to all of our users who are currently using the iMindMap 6 software. The features are all designed to make you look better, so we hope you’ll enjoy them!

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The Innovation Nation Mind Mapping Challenge – Part 4

We come to it at last, the grand finale to the Innovation Nation challenge! By now your country should be taking shape nicely, with its own geography, language, wildlife and national dish. If you are just joining us, check out the whole series here. For the rest of you, it is now time to complete your nation by creating your very own national sport.

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The Innovation Nation Mind Mapping Challenge – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the challenge where we have a double-whammy of activities for you today. You already have your nations, name, flag, map and language – now it’s time to invent a memorable national dish and discover what wildlife frolics freely in and around your country’s borders. If you’ve fallen a bit behind, no need to worry, take a look at Exercise 1: Geography or Exercise 2: Languages

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The Innovation Nation Mind Mapping Challenge – Part 2

So we move on to part two of the challenge. You’ve already created a name, flag and map for your country, and now it is time to ignite your innovation by making your very own language. The memory boosting skills of word and image association are the name of the game in this activity.If you missed part one, click here for Exercise 1: Geography

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The Innovation Nation Mind Mapping Challenge

Brain boosting activities for your children

Here in the UK it’s the half term holiday, and if you’re a schoolchild this means a week of fun, freedom, and hopefully, some family time. So here at ThinkBuzan we’ve come up with some holiday tips to keep your kids occupied, thinking big and getting their imaginations flowing. By the end of the week they will have built up a Mind Map of their very own country; including its geography, food, wildlife, national sport and very own language.

Ever heard of the expression ‘a man’s home is his castle’? Well with the Innovation Nation Challenge, ‘a child’s home is their country’. Through using imagination and creativity this week, you and your children will be transforming your house into your very own “Utopia” through five Mind Mapping activities.
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CEO Chris Griffiths speaks at Biggerplate Unplugged Conference

There has been a definite buzz surrounding the recent Biggerplate Unplugged Conference in London. Everyone who’s anyone in the Mind Mapping world was in attendance last week; bloggers, developers, practitioners. This event even provided a rare opportunity for industry leaders to come together to discuss their predictions for the future of Mind Mapping.

Biggerplate Unplugged conference in London

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Taking Mind Maps to the Arctic and back

Justin Miles – Professional Explorer

Recently, we received an email from Justin Miles, Professional Explorer and Educator, who was eager to show his appreciation not only for the ‘Mind Maps for Business’ book but the technique itself.  In this extraordinary blog post, Justin reveals how Mind Mapping has taken him to where he is now and shows how the technique can be used for just about anything. Read more to find out how he’s done it…

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Opposites Attract: How not to generate awful ideas that almost certainly won’t work…

Great ideas and pragmatic solutions are hard to come by. When we approach a problem from the obvious direction, we are likely only to find a few, obvious answers. In order to unlock those innovative and game-changing ideas, we need to examine the problem in a completely opposite way to the prevailing view. In other words, rather than thinking about ‘what to do,’ we should reverse the challenge by thinking ‘what not to do.’ Read More →

6 ways Mind Mapping will enhance your blog

If you are a regular blogger, you understand that content can make or break your posts. You also understand that finding inspiration can be a nightmare. Even when you have a thousand ideas, you struggle to visualise how these ideas are related. Trying to be creative and organised at the same time can sometimes be mind boggling.

To overcome these issues, look no further than a Mind Map. Simple at first glance but here’s where the organised part kicks in. You can make your Mind Maps as intricate or as detailed as you like, with multiple branches attached to one key idea. Thinking of all the little details and attaching them to the relevant branches in your Mind Maps makes it easier as you have everything you need in one easy-to-read, organised workspace.
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