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Mastering Accountancy the iMindMap way

In this guest post, Alison Jones, Accountancy Lecturer for the Association of Accountancy Technicians (AAT) at Cardiff and Vale College provides an insight into the many ways iMindMap and Mind Mapping have enhanced the learning experience for her accountancy students.

In accountancy, there is a popular misconception that accountants are just number crunchers and yes, accountants do spend a large portion of their time on the preparation and analysis of financial figures. However, there is a lot more behind the scenes which is frequently overlooked. There are many rules and regulations to be taken into account and these theoretical areas often cause endless grief!

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The Mind Mapping Connection – consulting in the technology sector

In this post, Julie Cummings-Debrot, a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and Language Trainer at The English Connection, gives an insight into her accomplishments since becoming accredited, including how she has integrated Mind Mapping and iMindMap into her consultancy business.

Based in Paris, Julie has extensive experience as an independent trainer and has consulted with companies in various industries including tourism, finance, technology and pharmaceuticals. With a view to expanding her services as a Corporate Consultant and Language Trainer, she attended the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor course in Henley, UK in January 2013.

Why become an accredited trainer?

“I had used Mind Mapping for a number of years before I discovered the TLI course which not only offered official Mind Mapping training but also iMindMap and GRASP Thinking techniques. It was an opportunity, which I was ready to take and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. The course was a natural progression for me and the ThinkBuzan accreditation gave me the credibility I needed to take my corporate training to the next level.  I am very excited about the future!”

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