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7 modern ways teachers use Mind Mapping

In this third and final post in the series, Steve Molyneux, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, CEO of the iPad Academy and Apple Distinguished Educator, provides us with an insight into 7 innovative ways for teachers to utilise Mind Mapping with iMindMap HD for the iPad in the classroom.

Finding innovative teaching methods to keep students engaged is a constant struggle for teachers. Mind Mapping, as a technique, has been used as a tool for creativity and visual thinking in the classroom since its invention by Tony Buzan in the 1970s.
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Trainer Showcase: Mind Mapping and the European Commission

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor: Carl Peters

Location: Dortmund, Germany

Accredited: London, UK, 2011

Profession: Corporate Consultant and Language Trainer
Founder of ‘We Mind Map’ and ‘The English Trainer’

In this guest post, Carl Peters reveals how he prepared and delivered the official ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping Practitioner course at The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Karlsruhe, Germany.
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iMindMap Chameleon – coming soon…

The 7th generation of iMindMap, codename Chameleon, is officially on its way. Take advantage of our exclusive pre-launch offer to make sure you’re first in line to get your copy.

Buy iMindMap 6 now and get…

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Mind Maps at work: Quality Managers

In this article, Bernd Kiefer and Bettina Rudert, authors of “Qualitätsmanagement mit Mind Maps(Quality Management with Mind Maps), provide us with an insight into their latest book release and how iMindMap Ultimate has revolutionised the way they work.

Kiefer and Rudert are currently employed as Quality Managers in nursing homes in Germany. They are also freelance consultants within the German public service sector advising hospitals, clinics, special needs facilities and social services. Both are avid mind mappers and have been using Tony Buzan’s technique for over 10 years. It is their favourite method for learning, planning, lecturing and presenting.
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5 ways iMindMap can help you prepare for parenthood

Feeling the pressure of a huge life change? Check out our 5 innovative ways you can use iMindMap to get ready for parenthood.

1. Lists, lists and more lists

Lists can become monotonous, frustrating and downright disheartening. Why not try a different approach: make a Mind Map in iMindMap to display your wish list, or take a shortcut and download our free Mind Map template below.

View your Mind Map on your phone (Apple or Android supported devices), add items to your map as something catches your eye, and sync your updates in the iMindMap cloud (with iMindMap Freedom). As you make purchases, delete or tick items using icons from the iMindMap library. It’s the modern day (and less frustrating) shopping list!
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Why iPad and iMindMap are essential in education

In this follow up post, Steve Molyneux, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and CEO of the iPad Academy, discusses the importance of iPads in education, and explains how some of the schools which he has worked with are using iMindMap HD for iPads in the classroom.
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Trainer Showcase: Steve Molyneux, iMindMap and the iPad Academy

Steve MolyneuxIn this post, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Steve Molyneux discusses how iMindMap HD has helped to propel his training company, the iPad Academy, and his experience of delivering iMindMap HD training using iPads in schools.

Steve is the CEO of the iPad Academy, an Apple Distinguished Educator and advocate for forward-thinking technology in the educational system. He became a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in January 2012 and subsequently, Steve combined his passion for Apple products with his expertise in iMindMap.
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