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iMindMap 7 Chameleon: food for thought from our beta testers

With iMindMap 7 Chameleon due to be released this autumn, we have been working to make version 7 the best it can be with the help of our dedicated beta testers. They are avid iMindMap users enlisted to thoroughly explore each and every new feature. They have been reporting some very interesting feedback, so read on to find out what they think…

Branch out with Branch Art

As one of our most exciting features, Branch Art allows you to create more visually engaging Mind Maps with a range of designs that you can apply to any of your branches. Many of our beta testers have named this as their favourite feature as it makes their Mind Maps look completely unique.
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7 ways to use iMindMap as a teacher

Teaching effectively centres around the ability to plan and deliver effective, engaging lessons throughout the entire school year. As a teacher, we know that time is often in short supply, and so here a seven ways in which iMindMap can help you find a little bit more of it, by improving your lesson planning, preparation and delivery.

Lesson Preparation

Lesson preparation can amount to files full of plans and documents, even a single lesson can generate pages of notes. With iMindMap, you are able to structure and coordinate these notes so that they are clear, concise and easy to follow.
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7 ways to use iMindMap as a student

For students, the vast quantity of notes and handouts received during an academic year do little more than turn their bedroom into a labyrinth of paper. So here are seven uses for iMindMap to help students organise their notes, recall facts and figures at the drop of a hat and impress their teachers.

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Exclusive pre-launch offers for iMindMap 7 Chameleon

With iMindMap 7 Chameleon due to be launched this autumn, we want to keep you up-to-date on the latest pre-launch offers and the sneak peeks of the new version. We have exclusive offers available for new iMindMap users, existing version 5 and below users as well as iMindMap 6 users.

Offer for new iMindMap users

Buy iMindMap 6 today and you will also get for FREE…

1) Modern Mind Mapping for Smarter Thinking book authored by Tony Buzan (digital copy).


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Back to school: 10 Mind Maps that every student and teacher needs

With the new school year upon us, what better way to get off to a flying start than with our Top 10 educational Mind Maps created by real users. Take these ideas and use them as templates, posters or simply, be inspired to create your own unique maps.

1. Why study…

When introducing a brand new topic or subject to students, you want to remind them of the importance of the information you’re about to bestow on them. However, it’s often the case that you have to constantly remind your students of this throughout the school year.

Try introducing your subject with a fresh approach. Ask your students to Mind Map why your subject is so important or even complete a group Mind Map as a class with everyone’s ideas incorporated.

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