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4 ways to make your Central Idea stand out

When developing iMindMap 7, we kept our ears to the ground and discovered that many of our users seek greater flexibility with central ideas for their Mind Maps. With this in mind, we have incorporated your suggestions and created additional ways for you to import, choose and even design your own central ideas in iMindMap 7.

After all, when you create a new Mind Map, you want it to be congruent and themed from the offset. The new capabilities in iMindMap 7 will allow you to do this… starting with your map’s central idea.

Central Ideas

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Christmas 2013: Last delivery dates

Christmas Bell
Ding-ding…Last orders!

Want to receive your order in time for Christmas? Beat the Christmas back log by ordering before the Royal Mail’s recommended last delivery dates to ensure you get your order in time!

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Your Opinion Matters – iMindMap 7 Customer Feedback

iMindMap 7 Feedback

With the recent launch of iMindMap 7 we have asked for your thoughts and opinions about some of the changes and additional features.
After receiving an overwhelming response, we thought we would share with you some of the highlights.

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How to give a killer presentation with iMindMap 7

Boost the visual punch of your presentation with iMindMap 7’s Presentation Builder.

In iMindMap 7 we have built a range of new features to help you create powerful and professional presentations.

Whether you are talking to 5 people or 5,000, here is a guide that will walk you through how to make the most of the new features to create an easy, stimulating and memorable presentation.

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Tony Buzan’s Speed Reading: 5 quick tips for beginners

When you’re sifting through reams of paper, you’ve probably found yourself wishing there were more hours in the day. Well, fear not. Speed Reading is the key skill to give you that little extra time. The quick tips below only scratch the surface but with practice, you can double your present Speed Reading rate and eventually, reach 1000 words per minute; matching those in the worlds current top 10.
Speed Reading
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7 secrets about iMindMap 7

Master iMindMap 7 fast with the hidden gems you might have missed in the latest version.

1. Quick draw branches

Branch Target
At a first glance, the only difference to the Branch Target is the new grey segment or ‘Branch Editor’. But don’t be fooled, the Branch Target has a secret up its sleeve. Click on the red and amber segments in the Branch Target and it will instantly add new branches. This is the ultimate time saver when you’re adding lots of branches to your map. Just remember to have SmartLayout switched on so your branches don’t overlap.
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5,4,3,2,1… iMindMap 7 has arrived!

iMindMap 7

Version 7 is now available…

It’s our new flexible and intuitive software that lets you capture your ideas without interruption or restriction. Version 7 is jam packed with a range of new features, ready for you to explore.

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How to Upgrade

You will need your current iMindMap serial number to upgrade to iMindMap 7 from an older version You can find your current serial number by following these steps:

On Windows

  1. Open iMindMap.
  2. Go to File > iMindMap Help.
  3. Your Serial Number will be displayed here.
On a Mac

  1. Open iMindMap.
  2. Go to iMindMap 6 > About iMindMap.
  3. Your Serial Number will be displayed here.

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