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Keith Usher: Mind Mapping training in the UAE

“In 2013 alone more than 300 people attended our two flagship programmes for iMindMap and Mind Mapping.”

Keith Usher

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Keith Usher, has a career spanning 25 years as a Management Consultant and Trainer, ranging from international based consultancy with Zurich Group to setting up Insight Learning Organisation, a specialised management consultancy and training operation in the Middle East and Africa.
Keith grew up in Kenya, and went on to study for his BSc Honours degree in Psychology at Surrey University. In addition to his work as a Management Consultant and Trainer, Keith is passionate about wildlife conservation and spends up to 3 months each year in Africa where he qualified as a FGASA Field and Trails Guide. He enjoys photography and volunteer work, as well as developing his knowledge of African wildlife and conservation.
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4 Ways to GRASP Innovation

GRASP the Solution by Chris Griffiths

1. Brainstorm the right way

Contrary to popular belief, a team brainstorming session is often the death of big ideas.

The problem is, we are all very impressionable creatures and can’t help but react to those around us. This means that a group of people sitting down to fire out ideas will essentially only be reacting to the first idea voiced out loud. The following conversation will merely be a combination of people supporting or negating that first idea, and other ideas based on associations with the first. It becomes more of an analytical session rather than one of free-flowing ideas.

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Mind Map your lesson plan in 8 easy steps

Mind Mapping a lesson plan

Creating a lesson plan can be time consuming; a luxury that teachers simply do not have. As a result, lesson planning often doesn’t get the amount of attention that it should. However, Mind Mapping your lesson plan can save you time, as well as vastly improve the structure and clarity of your lesson. Having a visual overview of your plan will also allow you to easily spot the gaps where you have forgotten something, ensuring you have everything covered. Your notes will be clear and concise; great for when you have a substitute teacher covering your class!

Using Mind Mapping software such as iMindMap will give you ultimate flexibility when creating your lesson plan. Your items can be easily edited, deleted or moved around the map, and also customised to bring your personal creativity to lesson planning. In addition, you can attach appended notes, files and website links straight to your Map that can be accessed at any point with a single click. iMindMap encourages collaboration between teachers as it allows you to share your Maps in a number of digital formats including image, PDF, webpage, PowerPoint and SVG.

To get started Mind Mapping your lesson plan, follow these 7 simple steps…

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PESTLE analysis with Mind Mapping

The majority of us are so busy typing away at our desks, analysing our company’s Twitter feed and reading through reams of information that we can quickly succumb to a blinkered business perspective.

However, the world keeps spinning, and external factors such as new legal policies or the latest technology can rise up and pounce on businesses from every angle. To avoid being consumed by the internal affairs of your business and to become more in tune and aware of external factors, try the PESTLE Analysis technique.

PESTLE technique with iMindMap

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Maximise Your Creative Potential With Our New Online Courses – Out now!

Think Buzan's new online courses

We’ve created a series of online courses aimed at anyone who wishes to tap into or heighten their creative abilities. You’ll learn tips and techniques from the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, and ThinkBuzan CEO, Chris Griffiths; both leading experts in the field of business and creativity. Embark on an interactive and engaging learning experience guaranteed to change the way you think.

Vibrantly coloured and bursting with interactive quizzes, puzzles and teasers, these courses are highly informative yet infused with fun.

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