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The countdown begins – here’s what’s new in iMindMap 8

It's nearly here - iMindMap 8
The release of iMindMap 8 is just around the corner and we’re thrilled to reveal the updates that make it the most powerful version of iMindMap yet. So what can you expect? Read on to find out – starting with the biggest of them all…

Brainstorm View – two tools in one*

iMindMap 8 is the only Mind Mapping software to feature an inbuilt brainstorming tool. Say goodbye to office walls covered in sticky notes – iMindMap 8 provides a digital alternative. Add sticky notes, images and mini-boards for grouping ideas on the interactive, unrestricted cork-board canvas and bring your ideas to life.

Brainstorm View
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iMindMap 8 feature spotlight: Brainstorming View

iMindMap 8 new Brainstorming View
Here at ThinkBuzan, we’re passionate about helping people harness their creative abilities – whether that be for work, education or personal purposes. That is why, in iMindMap 8 Ultimate, we’ve introduced a game-changing feature that will seriously get your creative juices flowing. It’s something completely different and unique to iMindMap: The new Brainstorming View.
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