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Is doubt killing your great idea? Try Mind Mapping a Greens and Reds Analysis

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you were excited to share, only for fear to kick in and stop you in your tracks? What if others thought it was too wacky? What if it was flawed? At some point, we can all fall victim to self-doubt. Don’t fret, Mind Mapping a Greens and Reds Analysis will help you to surpass your initial doubt.

The Greens and Reds Analysis is a simple but effective problem solving strategy that allows you to look at an idea’s pros and cons and make confident choices. By doing your homework, in this case analysing your idea, you will build a strong case around it before you present it to others. In the example below, we will imagine that we manage a companies I.T. department and some of our support team members would like to work from home a few days a week, rather than travelling to the office every day. For an effective analysis, we recommend weighing up the ‘Greens and Reds’ of an idea using the Mind Mapping technique.

Greens and Reds Analysis Mind Map
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How to generate fresh ideas: Mind Mapping a new perspective

One of the greatest limitations to creativity that we face is our tendency to only look at the world from our own, singular perspective. How often do you stop and consider an alternative viewpoint? Different people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, professions and interests will have different outlooks and opinions. Why not adopt another viewpoint to encourage your brain to produce original ideas? If you break the shackles of your narrow vision, ideas that were invisible from your own viewpoint will become clear.

Mind Mapping is ideal for this exercise as it triggers connections in the brain to spark further ideas. Using Mind Mapping software, such as iMindMap will allow you to get your ideas out of your brain and onto the page at lightning speed. Follow the three simple steps below to learn how to use Mind Mapping to borrow other perspectives when problem solving and generate creative ideas. In this article, we will use ‘low staff productivity’ as our example problem.

Step 1: Identify different points of reference

Identify perspectives Mind Map
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Solve complex problems with a Six Thinking Hats Mind Map

Mind Mapping 6 Thinking Hats

When it comes to solving business problems, your perspective only provides one singular view of the situation. This can seriously limit creativity, and is therefore damaging to the overall progress of your business. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a great technique for breaking away from a narrow point of view as it encourages us to look at a problem from many different angles and experiment with different approaches.

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