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5 reasons iMindMap Ultimate will be your project planning partner

One thing we often feel we are lacking is time. To get the most out of your day accurate planning is a must, and when you’re working on a time-scaled project, planning is essential to ensure you’re at your productive best.

A timeline is an easy-to-digest, visual overview of a project with a clear end goal. The addition of the Time Map View in iMindMap 10 Ultimate unites the creative power of Mind Mapping with the effectiveness of timelines. iMindMap has helped traditional project planning to evolve, taking you to new levels of inspiration and efficiency. It’s designed to support your most ambitious projects from kick-off to launch, and at every stage in-between. Here are 5 reasons why iMindMap will be your essential companion to push any kind of project across the finish line.


Fast Capture View

1. Fast Capture View: A space to kick-start creative ideas

Perhaps you are planning an event, or a marketing campaign for the year ahead. In the infancy phase of your project, you’re going to need to spend time gathering your initial thoughts. Drop ideas onto your canvas in the Fast Capture View. Forget formatting and structuring at this stage, simply fire ideas down into self-organising bubbles. The free-form nature of the Fast Capture View nurtures a creative mindset, so your brain is free to explore every avenue of your project.

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Organisations #lovetoMindMap to stimulate business growth and accomplish more

Valentine’s Day is officially upon us. With people all over the globe sharing their feelings of love and appreciation, we wanted to inspire some too! Today we’re launching a competition – and to be in with a chance to win a free iMindMap 10 Ultimate license worth £149 | $235, you just have to let us know why you love to Mind Map using the hashtag #lovetoMindMap on Facebook or Twitter. Find out more and read the competition terms and conditions after the article below.


How is iMindMap helping start-ups to multinationals flourish?

Hear from the organisations themselves, from booming start-ups to global heavyweights, how they are using iMindMap to organise and implement projects, set and manage goals, generate ideas and much more. We talked with individuals and teams within four organisations, to find out how they use iMindMap to help their company thrive…


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Valentine’s Competition: Win a FREE iMindMap 10 Ultimate License


Want to win a free iMindMap 10 Ultimate license?

Has iMindMap helped you to launch a new product? Maybe it made planning your home improvements a little easier? Or, gave you the productivity boost you needed to achieve great results in the classroom? Share the love this Valentine’s! Tell us why you #lovetoMindMap for your chance to win a free iMindMap 10 Ultimate license worth £149 | $235.

Competition ends on Friday 17th February 2017

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Spotlight On: iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s Fast Capture View

Ideas can be fleeting, bubbling up from your subconscious mind without notice, and then disappearing just as quickly. iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s Fast Capture View is the perfect tool to capture ideas as they strike, and distil them into a tangible web of thoughts. No matter what ideas you’re trying to inspire, from concepts for an upcoming blog post, research for a school project, or identifying new business opportunities, the Fast Capture View will kick-start your creative process. Let’s take a closer look at the Fast Capture View, and find out what makes it an important asset to your creative thinking.


Watch Video: See what you can achieve with the Fast Capture View

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ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors take over the World Championships

December 2016 saw the 9th World Mind Mapping Championships head to Singapore, and we were delighted that the first and second prizes were awarded to two of our very own ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors.

Hosted by the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, the event took place over 1 day and saw participants complete three disciplines to compete for the title of Mind Mapping Champion. Firstly, participants had to create a Mind Map based on what they heard in a 30-minute lecture on a random topic. Secondly, they had to build a Mind Map based on a written article, and lastly create a Mind Map on a topic of their choice. The participants were tested on their ability to create the most effective Mind Map based on several criteria, including the demonstration of Mind Map principles such as use of images and keywords, use of humour and playfulness, and originality and impact.

Mind Mapping TLI Liu Yan was crowned the Mind Mapping Champion. Lui first met Tony Buzan back in 2011 at a speaking event, and it was from that point on that she knew she wanted to dedicate her professional career to promoting Mind Mapping. Since attending the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course in Mind Mapping in London during August 2014, Liu has been teaching Mind Mapping to others, and has now taught an outstanding 60,000 students approximately.

Liu Yan
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Video: Tony Buzan talks iMindMap 10

We recently caught up with Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Maps, at the home of Mind Mapping and iMindMap, Tec Marina, to discuss iMindMap 10 and the all-new Time Map View. In the video below, Tony talks about the merging of Mind Mapping and traditional project timelines in iMindMap 10, and the ability to take your ideas further than ever before as a result.


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