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Spark and organise ideas with iMindMap 11’s enhanced Fast Capture View, featuring new Bubble Groups

New Bubble Group Fast Capture

New Bubble Group Fast Capture

With the launch of iMindMap 11 right around the corner, we’re excited to reveal our final new feature. We know that you love visuals, so our most powerful version yet includes Bubble Groups, an eye-catching way to capture and organise your ideas. This new mode can be found in one of iMindMap’s most loved workspaces, Fast Capture View.

The creativity-inducing Fast Capture View is renowned for catching limitless ideas quickly and without distraction by forming a web of free-flowing idea bubbles. In iMindMap 11, this view has undergone a makeover to give you an even smoother, more seamless experience. With the addition of brand-new Bubble Groups mode, you can bring order to streams of ideas effortlessly. Bubble Groups are what you need to take your ideas the extra distance. With one click, transform your web of idea bubbles into Bubble Groups and watch as your ideas fall into nested groups. Read on to learn how the new-look Fast Capture View and its Bubble Groups will boost your creative process. Plus, buy iMindMap 10 today and get a free upgrade to iMindMap 11 in our exclusive pre-launch offers.

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iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Organisational Charts

Organisational Charts

Organistaional Charts

As promised, over the past few weeks, we’ve been revealing exciting news of what’s to come in brand new iMindMap 11. So far we’ve introduced you to Radial View, Split Screen and shared our plans to translate iMindMap 11 into five additional languages – Hindi, Malay, Korean, Turkish and Swedish. We told you that iMindMap 11 was going to be our most powerful version yet. Today, we’re ready to share with you a whole new iMindMap 11 workspace to back up our bold statement.

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iMindMap 11 – supporting our global Mind Mapping community with new languages

We hope that you’ve been enjoying our iMindMap 11 feature reveals so far, and you’re as excited as we are about its release. Today, we have even more iMindMap 11 news to share…
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iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Visualise information with new Radial Map View

iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Radial Map View

Last week, we introduced you to our very first feature coming soon in iMindMap 11 – the productivity-boosting Split Screen mode. We promised we would be revealing more of iMindMap 11’s new features very soon, and today we’re delivering that promise. The best part is, it’s a big one! iMindMap is not only the world’s most powerful Mind Mapping software, it has evolved into a versatile workspace that gives you the freedom to work at your most creative and productive. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the brand new Radial Map View, coming soon to our most advanced version yet, iMindMap 11.

Watch video – See Radial Map View at work:

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iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Split Screen

iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Split Screen

Today, we’re so excited to introduce you to our first iMindMap 11 feature reveal, Split Screen. Very soon, you’ll have the ability to work across two views simultaneously, so you can create smarter connections, gain new perspectives and swiftly transfer information without losing track of your thoughts.

Watch our brand new Split Screen video to see the feature in action:

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Have you heard the news? iMindMap 11 is on its way…

iMindMap 11 coming soon

iMindMap 11 coming soon...

Yes, you heard right. We’re excited to announce that we will soon be releasing the 11th version of our Mind Mapping, brainstorming and project planning software, iMindMap.

Over the years, iMindMap has evolved into an adaptable, complete digital thinking space. With multiple visual workspaces, you can take your ideas from conception to completion in a way that suits you. We can’t reveal too much about iMindMap 11 at the moment. But we can tell you that our most powerful version yet will give you unreached levels of flexibility, allowing you to work smarter than you ever thought possible. We’re very excited about what’s to come and you should be too.

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Join us on our upcoming training courses – Early Bird Discount ending soon

We are over halfway through 2017, but there’s always time for personal growth. Why not test your limits and try something new? Our Licensed Instructor training courses are perfect for people who want to master practical skills, learn from world leaders in mental literacy and boost their brainpower. We offer flexibility to fit you, with courses running worldwide throughout the year.

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How your Mind Map’s colours and images will boost memory and creativity

In today’s corporate world filled with monotone, text-heavy handouts, you may be forgiven for thinking that colourful Mind Maps have no place. How professional can a brightly coloured Mind Map be? You’re no longer in the classroom, after all.

However, as businesslike as black-and-white text can seem, it doesn’t strike a chord with most people. Ask anyone to memorise the contents of ten pages of text, and they’re unlikely to recall every key piece of information. So, how exactly do you grab and hold someone’s attention and make the facts really sink in? Here we turn to Mind Mapping. Mind Maps are, by their very nature, visual tools with very little focus on the written word. The rules behind the concept actually state that colour and images are the most important elements of Mind Maps, along with radiating curved branches and the use of keywords. Colourful Mind Maps have been proven to boost memory, enhance cognitive processes and spark creativity.

Read on to find out exactly how a Mind Map’s colours and images can be used in the office to inspire, motivate and engage you and your colleagues using iMindMap…

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Make your next business idea a success with an iMindMap PESTLE Analysis

As an entrepreneur, your brain is often overflowing with ideas for new ventures that you hope will bring further commercial success. But how can you know if your next service or product is viable? And is the current marketplace ready for it? Conduct a PESTLE Analysis using iMindMap to decide.

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Need a creativity boost? Our TEDx Talk explains how to ‘Think Different’


In need of a creativity boost?

Our founder, Chris Griffiths, explains why you need to do more than just ‘think outside of the box’ in his TEDxCardiff Talk.

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