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Is doubt killing your great idea? Try Mind Mapping a Greens and Reds Analysis

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you were excited to share, only for fear to kick in and stop you in your tracks? What if others thought it was unrealistic, flawed or odd? At some point, we can all fall victim to self-doubt. Don’t fret, Mind Mapping a Greens and Reds Analysis will help you to eliminate any uncertainty surrounding your ideas.

The Greens and Reds Analysis is a simple but effective problem solving strategy that allows you to identify an idea’s pros and cons to encourage confident choices. By analysing your idea, you will build a strong case around it before you present it to others. In the example below, we will imagine that we manage a company’s I.T. department and we want to put forward the idea of team members working from home a few days a week. For the most effective analysis, we recommend weighing up the ‘Greens and Reds’ of your idea using the Mind Mapping technique, which we will get into below.

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Solve complex problems with a Six Thinking Hats Mind Map

Mind Mapping 6 Thinking Hats

When it comes to solving problems, your perspective only provides one view of a situation, limiting creativity. The Six Thinking Hats technique encourages you to switch between thinking styles to consider a problem from different angles and generate a variety of ideas and possible solutions.

You may be familiar with this technique already, but have you tried it with Mind Mapping? A Mind Map’s outward radiating branches and keywords prompt you to make associations between your thoughts and generate more ideas. With an overview of your ideas, you will easily spot the gaps in your analysis and can devote more attention to those areas.

Adopt a thinking style one-by-one, adding to your Mind Map as you go. During this exercise, you will have to review previous sections to complete another. A Mind Map’s structure doesn’t require you to think ‘in order’, so you can jump back and forth to build on different areas when needed.

Let’s get started…

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Mind Mapping 6 Thinking Hats


今週は、第16回ワールドクリエイティビティ、イノベーションウィークです。新鮮なアイディアを引き出し、現状を打破すべく新しい行動にチャレンジ。眠っているクリエイティビティを解放してみませんか。この記事では、エドワード・デ・ボノ博士が考案した6色ハット発想法(Six Thinking Hats)とマインドマップを組み合わせた問題解決方法をご案内します。

さらに、ワールドクリエイティビティ、イノベーションウィークを記念してiMindMap ソフトウェア全商品の期間限定15%割引セールを実施します。詳細は本記事の最後でご案内します。




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iMindMap voted Mind Mapper’s Choice 2017


iMindMap is voted Mind Mapper’s Choice in the Biggerplate Annual Report 2017

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Organise your thoughts and your workspace: Capture digital notes with the Brainstorm View

Information overload is a real problem today, increasing stress levels and draining productivity in the modern workforce. From taking meeting notes to researching for your next big project, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with copious amounts of information. How do you begin to make sense of it all? How will you remember the details?

iMindMap’s unique Brainstorm View will help you to make sense of the chaos and pinpoint your focus. Gather and organise your notes, research and ideas digitally, keeping your workspace and thoughts clear so that you can concentrate on the things that matter. With an infinite, adaptable canvas, and a range of tools to prompt organisation, it provides a flexible space to bring order to information quickly. Read on to learn more about the Brainstorm View…

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How iMindMap can help with autism and epilepsy


Mind Mapping has done so much good for my brother and I. Solving problems, planning and overcoming some of the barriers of autism.


iMindMap is frequently talked about as a digital platform for project management and organisation, but the techniques inherent to its features are not limited to these alone. A good example of this is the way in which iMindMap can act as an aid for autism and epilepsy. Vix and Chris contacted iMindMap to tell us how Mind Mapping is helping them and we wanted to share their success story with you.


My brother and I both have high functioning autism and I have uncontrolled epilepsy too. Learning through mnemonics has never been so much fun for us. Mind Maps help us plan out our daily routines without stress.

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Freshen up your thinking space this spring with iMindMap

Spring has finally sprung, bringing with it the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and the chance to get organised for the rest of this year. Many use this time of year to spring clean homes and offices, so why not freshen up your thinking space? This article will show you how to achieve clearer headspace ready for new beginnings. De-clutter your brain and organise your thoughts using iMindMap this springtime, to ready yourself for future success.

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この春、iMindMap でシンキングスペースをリフレッシュ

春の訪れを感じさせる今日この頃、新学期、新生活のスタート準備は万全ですか? 大成功の一年となるよう、iMindMapを使って思考スペースも整理整頓してみましょう。

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Make your marketing resonate: Create a fully integrated plan with iMindMap

In today’s multi-channel society, there are endless ways for companies to communicate with their consumers. By sending a consistent message across each marketing channel, brands can build and deliver a seamless customer experience that will increase sales and elevate their reputation. By always keeping your company’s mission in mind, you can use Mind Mapping and iMindMap to create an effortless, fully integrated marketing campaign for your brand. Here’s how…

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5 reasons iMindMap Ultimate will be your project planning partner

One thing we often feel we are lacking is time. To get the most out of your day accurate planning is a must, and when you’re working on a time-scaled project, planning is essential to ensure you’re at your productive best.

A timeline is an easy-to-digest, visual overview of a project with a clear end goal. The addition of the Time Map View in iMindMap 10 Ultimate unites the creative power of Mind Mapping with the effectiveness of timelines. iMindMap has helped traditional project planning to evolve, taking you to new levels of inspiration and efficiency. It’s designed to support your most ambitious projects from kick-off to launch, and at every stage in-between. Here are 5 reasons why iMindMap will be your essential companion to push any kind of project across the finish line.


Fast Capture View

1. Fast Capture View: A space to kick-start creative ideas

Perhaps you are planning an event, or a marketing campaign for the year ahead. In the infancy phase of your project, you’re going to need to spend time gathering your initial thoughts. Drop ideas onto your canvas in the Fast Capture View. Forget formatting and structuring at this stage, simply fire ideas down into self-organising bubbles. The free-form nature of the Fast Capture View nurtures a creative mindset, so your brain is free to explore every avenue of your project.

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