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This spring, brighten up the way you work with iMindMap

iMindMap 11 Spotlight on Radial Map View

Every year, spring brings new beginnings and fresh opportunities. It’s the perfect time of year to innovate and breathe new life into your goals. Use iMindMap’s different workspaces to visually spark, develop and launch your brightest thinking this spring, and rejuvenate your focus in time for the rest of the year.
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Spotlight on iMindMap 11’s Radial Map View

Since the release of iMindMap 11, we’ve loved hearing the different ways that you’ve been making use of its new workspaces and features. This week, we’re going to share some ways that all-new Radial Map View can improve your goal setting and project planning. Radial Map View allows you to create highly visual Radial Maps that can break down information, simplify complex data and instantly outline structure. In this new view, you can build your Radial Maps from scratch, or switch from another iMindMap 11 view to give your project the fresh perspective that it may need. Here are three ways that you can make the most of new Radial Map View…

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Here’s what you’re saying about iMindMap 11

Mind Mapping for mindfulness

Just over a week ago we released iMindMap 11. As more and more of you have been getting hold of our most powerful version yet, we’ve been loving hearing your positive reactions. With 7 creativity-boosting workspaces including new views such as Radial Map, Organisational Chart and Bubble Groups mode, plus extra capabilities including Emojis, Central Idea enhancements and 5 additional supported languages, iMindMap 11 is your home for visual and creative thinking.

In today’s blog, we’ve rounded up some of the many comments we’ve received about our new version of iMindMap. Take a look below to see what customers, just like you, are saying about iMindMap 11.

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iMindMap 11 – A message from our CEO, Chris Griffiths

With iMindMap 11 released this week, things have been really exciting here at our HQ’s. Click below to hear why our CEO, Chris Griffiths, is so pleased to now share iMindMap 11, our most powerful version yet, with you.

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iMindMap 11 is here

iMindMap 11 out now

The wait is finally over – iMindMap 11 has officially landed.

Over the past few weeks, excitement has been building around the release of iMindMap 11, and we’ve been so excited to share it with you. Today, we are delighted to announce that our most powerful version yet is now available.

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Spark and organise ideas with iMindMap 11’s enhanced Fast Capture View, featuring new Bubble Groups

New Bubble Group Fast Capture

New Bubble Group Fast Capture

With the launch of iMindMap 11 right around the corner, we’re excited to reveal our final new feature. We know that you love visuals, so our most powerful version yet includes Bubble Groups, an eye-catching way to capture and organise your ideas. This new mode can be found in one of iMindMap’s most loved workspaces, Fast Capture View.

The creativity-inducing Fast Capture View is renowned for catching limitless ideas quickly and without distraction by forming a web of free-flowing idea bubbles. In iMindMap 11, this view has undergone a makeover to give you an even smoother, more seamless experience. With the addition of brand-new Bubble Groups mode, you can bring order to streams of ideas effortlessly. Bubble Groups are what you need to take your ideas the extra distance. With one click, transform your web of idea bubbles into Bubble Groups and watch as your ideas fall into nested groups. Read on to learn how the new-look Fast Capture View and its Bubble Groups will boost your creative process. Plus, buy iMindMap 10 today and get a free upgrade to iMindMap 11 in our exclusive pre-launch offers.

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iMindMap 11 – Brand new visuals and interface enhancements

New interface updates

New interface updates

iMindMap is a powerful digital thinking space with so much to offer. In addition to its five existing workspaces, iMindMap 11 gives you even more flexibility with two entirely new views – Radial Map and Org. Chart views. Even with brand new workspaces and features, our most advanced version yet includes interface updates to ensure your iMindMap experience remains smooth.

Plus, new visuals in iMindMap 11 will not only make you more productive but inject a little bit of fun along the way with new Emojis and central idea images. Read on to learn more about our new visual enhancements in iMindMap 11. Plus, see what discounts and free gifts you are eligible for with our limited time pre-launch offers.

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iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Organisational Charts

Organisational Charts

Organistaional Charts

As promised, over the past few weeks, we’ve been revealing exciting news of what’s to come in brand new iMindMap 11. So far we’ve introduced you to Radial View, Split Screen and shared our plans to translate iMindMap 11 into five additional languages – Hindi, Malay, Korean, Turkish and Swedish. We told you that iMindMap 11 was going to be our most powerful version yet. Today, we’re ready to share with you a whole new iMindMap 11 workspace to back up our bold statement.

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iMindMap 11 – supporting our global Mind Mapping community with new languages

We hope that you’ve been enjoying our iMindMap 11 feature reveals so far, and you’re as excited as we are about its release. Today, we have even more iMindMap 11 news to share…
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iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Visualise information with new Radial Map View

iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Radial Map View

Last week, we introduced you to our very first feature coming soon in iMindMap 11 – the productivity-boosting Split Screen mode. We promised we would be revealing more of iMindMap 11’s new features very soon, and today we’re delivering that promise. The best part is, it’s a big one! iMindMap is not only the world’s most powerful Mind Mapping software, it has evolved into a versatile workspace that gives you the freedom to work at your most creative and productive. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the brand new Radial Map View, coming soon to our most advanced version yet, iMindMap 11.

Watch video – See Radial Map View at work:

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