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Need a creativity boost? Our TEDx Talk explains how to ‘Think Different’


In need of a creativity boost?

Our founder, Chris Griffiths, explains why you need to do more than just ‘think outside of the box’ in his TEDxCardiff Talk.

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iMindMap でリサーチを効率よくこなす方法


新規ビジネス開拓や大学での研究、旅行のプランニングまで、「リサーチ」が必要な作業に iMindMap を活用してみましょう。今回は iMindMap 10 Ultimate を使ってリサーチを効率よくこなす方法をお届けします。

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5 ways iMindMap can simplify your next research project

When you’re tasked with a research project it can be hard to know where to start. Often you will spend more time coordinating your sources than on the actual research itself. Getting your notes together, saving links to relevant facts and organising your results can be an arduous task. With the added pressure of working in a team and hitting deadlines, a research project can soon become an overwhelming and dreaded task.

Whether you’re investigating a new business idea, exploring concepts for an academic project or considering travel options for a long-overdue vacation, iMindMap is an invaluable research tool. Keep your workspace clutter-free and your stress levels low with these 5 examples of how iMindMap can streamline your next research project…

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Don’t let workplace stress ruin your July 4th holiday

The July 4th, Independence Day holiday is almost upon us. Many Americans will be looking forward to some well-deserved time away from work, spending time with the family, having a barbeque in the park or enjoying the neighbourhood firework display. As easy as it is to become distracted with excitement, beware of leaving behind a trail of unfinished tasks as you run out the door; they’ll still be there to greet you on your return.

If you want to switch off from workplace stresses this July 4th, get your to-dos in order before the holiday commences and don’t let a day out of the office force you to fall behind. Even if you’re not lucky enough for time away from work, this is still a great habit to get into to stay on top of your workload. Here’s how to bring order to your weekly tasks using iMindMap…

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iMindMap を使った説得力あるプレゼン資料の作り方とプレゼン方法

プレゼンを聞いている時、あくびを噛み殺しながら早く終わらないかなと思ってみたり、次の打ち合わせのトピックについて考えたりした経験はありませんか。聞き手にそんな苦労をさせない引き込まれるプレゼンを提供するにはどうしたらよいでしょう。大きな会場でのプレゼンだけでなく、小さなミーティングルームでも、参加者全員に説得力あるプレゼンを提供したいですよね。パワーポイントだけがプレゼンツールではありません。今回はiMindMap でプレゼン資料を作成し発表してみましょう。

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Prepare and deliver powerful presentations with iMindMap

We’ve all been there – patiently sitting through a dull presentation, watching the clock and daydreaming about the weekend instead of listening. The sad truth is, some presentations can fall so flat that the audience are fighting to stay awake. So, how can you make your next presentation one to remember? Whether you’re presenting in a meeting or on the big stage, iMindMap has everything you need to plan and deliver your most captivating and engaging presentation yet. Let’s take a closer look at presenting with iMindMap…

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8 tips for interview success using Mind Mapping

Interview Preparation iMindMap

Congratulations, you got the interview! But how do you make it a triumph? It’s crucial that you walk into every interview with a well thought out plan for selling yourself if you want to land the job. Unfortunately, too many well-qualified candidates don’t do the groundwork and lose out on great job offers. Using a Mind Map to prepare for your interview will help you to explore every topic in detail and create strong answers for anything the interviewer may throw your way. Apply our 8 tips for interview success using the Mind Mapping technique to help you land your ideal career.

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A Look Back: Top 10 Mind Mapping Moments

Known to millions as the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan has helped people around the globe unlock their creativity, boost productivity and improve their memory. We previously created a list of top 10 Mind Mapping moments to celebrate 40 years of Mind Mapping. We are revisiting this list for Tony’s birthday this week and are taking a look back at the most recent highlights of the magnificent Mind Mapping journey. Plus, we are giving you 20% off iMindMap 10 Ultimate and Ultimate Plus for a limited time only. Find out more information at the bottom of this article.

Take a look at our list of top Mind Mapping moments below:

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Tony Buzan excited for first Licensed Instructor Course in China





The Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor Course in Mind Mapping is heading to China for the first time ever this June. A hundred delegates will attend the Mind Mapping Course, the only course endorsed by Tony, the inventor of Mind Maps himself. After the course, delegates will be accredited and authorised to teach Mind Mapping practitioner courses under Tony Buzan’s name. Tony looks forward to welcoming them to the global network of Licensed Instructors, and expressed his excitement in the statement below:

“I am excited that that there will soon be many new ‘Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors in Mind Mapping’ in China. I would also like to clarify that OpenGenius are my only official worldwide partner that can accredit people to become Licensed Instructors to teach Mind Mapping under my name. I am delighted that they have teamed up with Richard Lin to promote the first Chinese language Instructor Course. Whilst it is with great regret that I cannot attend in June, I will be in China frequently and I will hope to see you all soon.”

Tony Buzan

“我很兴奋在中国很快就会有许多新的”东尼·博赞”授权认证导师“。 我也想澄清一点,
以我的名义教导思维导图。 我很高兴OpenGenius与连瑞庭合作,
推广第一个中文教授的导师课程。 虽然非常遗憾,6月份我不能出席,

Click here to learn more about the Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor Course in Mind Mapping and view upcoming dates.

6 ways to get exam ready with Mind Mapping and iMindMap


Right now, the pressure is on as university, high school and college students are in the middle of the exam period. For students who need a helping hand juggling revision schedules or remembering key information, Mind Mapping is a proven method for boosting organisation, focus and recall ability. Follow these 6 smart studying tips with Mind Mapping and iMindMap to help you combat exam stress and perform at your best.

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