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iMindMap 10 新機能のご紹介 – タグとアイコンマネジャー

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iMindMap 10 新機能のご紹介 – 効率を考えた使いやすい新機能

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iMindMap 10 – New Fast Capture and Brainstorm View Updates

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The Next iMindMap 10 Feature Reveal – Biggerplate Mind Map Library Integration

Feature Reveal: Biggerplate Mind Map Library Integration

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iMindMap 10 新機能のご紹介 – Biggerplateマインドマップライブラリー連携機能

Biggerplate Mind Map Library


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iMindMap 10 新機能のご紹介 – 使いやすくなったブランチ描画ツール


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iMindMap 10 Feature Reveal- Enhanced Branch Drawing Tool

Feature Preview- Branch Drawing Tool

Feature Reveal:
Enhanced Branch Drawing Tool

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iMindMap 10 is coming soon…

iMindMap 10 logo - coming soon

Get ready, the definitive edition is about to drop.

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Better Blogging with iMindMap

Make iMindMap your blogging companion

As a blogger, a lot rides on your ability to think up new and creative concepts for content. But unless you can develop and organise these ideas, then your blog is at risk of falling off track.

iMindMap is a creative and highly visual software. Using its three different views, Fast Capture, Brainstorm and Mind Map, iMindMap allows you to spark, develop and bring order to your greatest blogging ideas.

Read on to find out how iMindMap can breathe fresh life into your blog, by giving your thoughts clarity and your ideas space to grow.


Fast Capture Creative Ideas

Fast Capture Your Creative Ideas

Head full of ideas but no clue where to start? iMindMap’s Fast Capture View gives you the chance to pour all those rough thoughts out and create order from what can feel like chaos. Fire off ideas into Fast Capture View and watch as it creates a self-forming web of bubbles. These bubbles will help make fleeting thoughts tangible and will give you an idea of which to develop further.

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Action every idea with iMindMap’s integration with DropTask

Branches and Bubbles – a pairing for powerful productivity.

At iMindMap we are big believers in limitless, creative thinking. But once you’ve got your idea, how do you take that dream from Mind Map to reality? Last week saw the launch of the latest version of DropTask – DropTask 2. We have been making the most of the new DropTask features by integrating* this powerful productivity tool with iMindMap. By combining the two, you can turn your greatest thoughts into visually appealing, easy to follow plans of action. Here’s how…


Work together

Seamless integration

Simplicity is a major part of both DropTask and iMindMap, and so their integration is as straight-forward as you’d expect. Export your Mind Maps into a new DropTask project, and watch as your branches of ideas burst into bubbles of action. From map to project, you’ll be presented with a clear path forward based on your own thinking, that makes perfect sense to you.

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