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iMindMap 11 – supporting our global Mind Mapping community with new languages

We hope that you’ve been enjoying our iMindMap 11 feature reveals so far, and you’re as excited as we are about its release. Today, we have even more iMindMap 11 news to share…
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iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Visualise information with new Radial Map View

iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Radial Map View

Last week, we introduced you to our very first feature coming soon in iMindMap 11 – the productivity-boosting Split Screen mode. We promised we would be revealing more of iMindMap 11’s new features very soon, and today we’re delivering that promise. The best part is, it’s a big one! iMindMap is not only the world’s most powerful Mind Mapping software, it has evolved into a versatile workspace that gives you the freedom to work at your most creative and productive. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the brand new Radial Map View, coming soon to our most advanced version yet, iMindMap 11.

Watch video – See Radial Map View at work:

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iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Split Screen

iMindMap 11 Feature Reveal: Split Screen

Today, we’re so excited to introduce you to our first iMindMap 11 feature reveal, Split Screen. Very soon, you’ll have the ability to work across two views simultaneously, so you can create smarter connections, gain new perspectives and swiftly transfer information without losing track of your thoughts.

Watch our brand new Split Screen video to see the feature in action:

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Have you heard the news? iMindMap 11 is on its way…

iMindMap 11 coming soon

iMindMap 11 coming soon...

Yes, you heard right. We’re excited to announce that we will soon be releasing the 11th version of our Mind Mapping, brainstorming and project planning software, iMindMap.

Over the years, iMindMap has evolved into an adaptable, complete digital thinking space. With multiple visual workspaces, you can take your ideas from conception to completion in a way that suits you. We can’t reveal too much about iMindMap 11 at the moment. But we can tell you that our most powerful version yet will give you unreached levels of flexibility, allowing you to work smarter than you ever thought possible. We’re very excited about what’s to come and you should be too.

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Overcome these 3 productivity barriers with iMindMap

Every day we are faced with workplace obstacles that can stunt our productivity. These barriers can leave us feeling demotivated and frustrated with our lack of progress. This week, we will show you how to make the most of iMindMap to help you break down these productivity barriers and protect your workday motivation.

Read on for three ways that you can use iMindMap Ultimate to strengthen your defence against these hurdles and get back to achieving your main priorities, fast.

Brainstorm View

Give your goals some structure

To be productive, we need something to work towards. Clear goals drive our motivation to succeed. However, when goals lack structure, they can have the opposite effect. Overcome demotivating goals by using iMindMap’s Brainstorm View to break them down into smaller, more manageable subgoals. Use Brainstorm View’s infinite canvas to add extra information using sticky notes and attachments. Include details of timescales and targets to quantify your subgoal. This will make you far more likely to achieve them.

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iMindMap, a place for your ideas to form and flourish

Every successful product launch, long-term project or daily task stems from one idea. Ideas can come out of nowhere. On your morning commute, in the shower or even in the middle of the night. But, when inspiration dries up, how do we generate new ideas? Instead of grinding to a halt, we’re here to help reignite that creative spark.

Below, we’ve noted down 3 reasons why iMindMap Ultimate is the place for your ideas to form and flourish.

Fast Capture View

A place to capture your thoughts

Ideas can be fleeting. And when they are, it’s vital that you’re keeping them safely stored. In Fast Capture View, quickly gather these crucial moments of inspiration by firing them onto your colourful canvas. With no distractions to interrupt your thoughts, you’ll have the flexibility and freedom to let your thoughts flow. The unique thing about this view is its speed. Using keywords, you’ll trigger associations in your brain helping to inspire new ideas. You can use Fast Capture as a nursery for infant thoughts and ideas, ready to be developed whenever you are.

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Stay focused with Mind Mapping

Studies have shown that three-quarters of our time is spent retrieving information. And it’s seriously diminishing our concentration. When important information is spread across a variety of different tools and programmes it makes it tough to get things done. The truth is, when our attention is scattered we often lose sight of our end goal. Focus can be the difference between success and failure, but luckily we’re here to help improve yours.

Mind Mapping will let you cut through the noise and give you the freedom to think. In a tool like iMindMap, you’ll be able to tidy up cluttered information and increase your concentration. Below, we’ve noted down our top tips to reclaim your focus. Take a look and put them into practice by downloading our free 7-day trial today.


Cut the clutter

Information can be overwhelming. When we experience information overload, our brains become fatigued and we end up being more forgetful – neither of which is ideal. In your Mind Map, break down large amounts of information into bite-sized chunks by using keywords. This will condense your information into a more manageable load. Cut through the noise and use filters to only see what’s important to you right now. By capturing the most crucial details, you won’t get flustered by what requires your attention, and stay focused on the task at hand.

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Visualise your workflow with Time Map View

Whether you are managing a large team, planning a group project or organising daily tasks, a clear outline of next steps will always make you more productive.

Use iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s Time Map View to build an optimised workflow for your projects, tasks and teams. This unique view will help you keep track of projects from start to finish with ease, and help you to celebrate key milestones along the way. See our simple steps below and learn how to streamline your workflows for better productivity with iMindMap 10’s Time Map View.

Time Map View

Visualise all important information

In Time Map View, assemble your ideas on a visually rich timeline and transform them into actionable tasks. Along your timeline, use brightly coloured tasks to represent each step and action you need to take to complete the project. Once steps have been defined, add start and due dates to know exactly where your time needs to be spent and ensure that every action is taken on time and in a logical order.

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iMindMap – A back to school must have

Now that the busy Christmas and New Year period is over, our routines are finally getting back to normal. January may already be in full swing, but how many of you are scurrying around trying to finish last year’s assignments? Misplaced work and inefficient planning means that we’re setting ourselves up for a fall before we head back through the school gates.

Make sure you leave your unproductive ways in last year’s books and make this term a success from start to finish. Execute assignments, track your timetable and maintain all your notes using iMindMap. Read on to see our top tips for starting a new school term on the right track, and set yourself up for a stress-free year.

Transform your timetable


Mind Maps are a great way to keep your schedule in order. Get prepared for busy timetables by creating a Mind Map of your lessons, assignments, extracurricular activities and revision, then identify where your time needs to be spent. Use Parent Branches to note down each day of the week. Then, add Child Branches for the topics you need to focus on. By allocating time to each subject, you can break down your workload and have a clear view of your priorities.

Use Icons such as coloured flags to help indicate the urgency of your workload and how much effort is required. Avoid distraction and collapse branches to ensure you’re focused on your timetable for today only. When a new day arrives, simply expand existing branches to view your entire Mind Map again.

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Get your projects off the ground this year with iMindMap

We’ve all experienced that overwhelming feeling of trying to get new year projects off the ground. Where do I start? What’s the budget? When is this task due? These are all familiar questions that run through our heads when we’re about to launch a project. With external and internal factors to consider and timescales to adhere to, that new year project can sometimes be hard to kickstart.

Prepare well to avoid feeling overwhelmed and give your projects the best chance of success using iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s five unique workspaces. With views to suit every stage of the project management process, you’ll be able to visualise information and plan thoroughly to ensure you’re on the road to achievement.

Read on to learn our 3 top tips to get your projects off the ground in 2018 and make project pitfalls a thing of the past.

1) Kick things off and define order

Fast Capture View

Sometimes deciding where to begin can be the most difficult part of starting any project. Fast Capture View requires no strenuous thinking. Its quickfire nature allows you to instantly shoot your thoughts and ideas onto the workspace canvas. The free-form structure of Fast Capture View enables your brain to explore fleeting thoughts and helps to spark associations with similar ideas. Without having to worry about formatting, you’ll be able to explore every single avenue of your project, all within one Fast Capture session.

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