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iMIndMap 10
iMindMap 10
Mind Mapping software endorsed by Tony Buzan

Join our community of over a million iMindMap users and discover how to Mind Map your way.

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Also available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad


We’re boosting the creativity of teams and individuals within organisations such as:



Inspiring ideas, unleashing creativity and unlocking the power of your mind

iMindMap is a complete digital thinking space designed to stimulate your most valuable asset: your mind. With 5 flexible views to nurture the seeds of your ideas and transform them into actionable plans, the possibilities are truly endless.


Your gateway to a more creative life

  •    Seamlessly nurture ideas from birth to action in one productive workspace
  •    Quickly capture and organise your thoughts in one paperless process
  •   Wave goodbye to messy written notes – adjust your ideas with speed and clarity
  •    Create without limits on our infinite canvas
  •    Avoid misplacing work – keep it all in one safe place
  •    Find information in an instant


Visually Manage your tasks

Work your way with ultimate flexibility

Explore your thoughts like never before, in 5 vibrant workspaces.

Let ideas flow

Quickly capture thoughts in one place by typing freely until they’re out of your head and on the screen.

Know where you’re heading

Naturally categorise ideas and make visual, colourful connections for organisation and clarity.

Effortlessly solve problems

Gain a complete visual overview to simplify complex problems and explore ideas until you find the perfect solution.

Plan great things

Spring into action by transforming your developed ideas into detailed, actionable plans so you can launch your projects into reality.

Go above and beyond in meetings

Deliver dynamic, professional presentations that will engage clients and colleagues alike with a memorable, attractive layout.





Flow from creativity
to productivity

iMindMap fully integrates with its sister app, DropTask. This means you can put your ideas and plans into action by collaborating with others in real time, working transparently and organising your time.

Get a free 12 month subscription to DropTask for Business when you buy iMindMap Ultimate or Ultimate Plus.


Certified training endorsed by Tony Buzan

Learn more, do more, be more

Drive innovation, amplify your creative thinking skills and boost productivity with our Licensed Instructor courses. From Mind Mapping to Memory Skills, Speed Reading to Applied Innovation, we have courses to suit everyone.

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