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Mind Mapping for Core
Business Skills

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Mind Mapping for Core Business Skills

Online Course

Learn practical and repeatable techniques that are essential for successful business management. Discover how Mind Maps facilitate core business skills such as: negotiation and decision making; organising ideas and tasks; and the communication and presentation of ideas.

For Mind Mapping by hand or using a Mind Mapping software tool.

Mind Mapping for Core Business Skills is available through your browser or as an iPad app.



What’s it About?

On this interactive and engaging learning experience, you will discover the core business applications of the technique used by over 250 million people worldwide, and within organisations such as Disney, Microsoft, NASA, Apple and the United Nations. This course will put you through your paces with challenging questions, inspiring videos and practical examples.

Change the way you think and conduct business and apply our tried, tested and proven techniques for increasing your productivity, stimulating creativity and delivering polished results.

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Mind Mapping for Core Business Skills

Discover How to Use Mind Mapping to Improve…

  • Negotiation and decision making skills
  • Organisation and planning
  • How you capture and generate ideas
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Meeting planning, managing and follow through



System Requirements for Online Course:
Compatible with most desktop and mobile browsers. Please note, course videos will not play in Firefox on a Mac.

Our courses are available in English only.

“The use of Mind Mapping is an integral part of my Quality Improvement Project at Boeing. This has provided savings of over $10 million for my organisation.”


Mike Stanley, Boeing Corporation, USA

“I’ve watched them and I think that they are great. A good level / mix of info, tests and fun which gets across the content very well and in a memorable way.”


Chris Taylor Reed, Managing Director, Auckland Micro Limited
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