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iMindMap Apps

You can’t always be at your desktop, but inspiration can strike at any time. Enjoy the freedom of creativity on the go with our iMindMap apps for iPad and iPhone. Plus, introduce your child to the world of Mind Mapping with iMindMap Kids.


iMindMap HD

iMindMap HD

appstore hd

iMindMap iPhone

iMindMap iPhone

appstore iphone

iMindMap Kids

iMindMap Kids

appstore kids


iMindMap Cloud Icon

iMindMap Cloud

Store your everyday thoughts in the Cloud, available as an in-app purchase for all of our apps. Keep the creativity alive and access your Mind Maps across multiple devices.

iMindMap HD in action

iMindMap HD

Keep things moving by accessing your Mind Maps on your iPad. Generate ideas and keep your train of thought on track across devices, without limits. Leap into action with an in-app purchase of our ready-made map templates.

iMindMap for iPhone in action

iMindMap iPhone

Mind Mapping in the palm of your hand. Gain instant access to your creative thoughts and ideas – whether at work, on the train or in front of your TV– all on your iPhone. Purchase our in-app templates to kickstart your creativity.


iMindMap Kids iPad Big
iMindMap Kids for iPad

iMindMap Kids is the perfect first step into the world of Mind Mapping! It’s their own creative thinking space. Proven to develop literacy, creativity and problem-solving skills in children through a fun and colourful design.

  • Become a junior Mind Mapper
  • Engage in visual thinking practice
  • Make learning fun
  • Organise thoughts and ideas
  • Colourful child-friendly design
  • Snapshot Camera
  • Draw Tool
  • Fun Branch Art options


iMindMap 11 Orb

Discover our most powerful version yet. Get a free 7 day trial today - no credit card details, no commitments.

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