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Brainstorm View

iMindMap is the only Mind Mapping software with a free-form Brainstorm View. Get your ideas down quickly without having to worry about structure or organisation. Type straight onto the canvas using coloured sticky notes and add images and group ideas together using mini-boards. You no longer have to clutter your wall with sticky notes – you can now save, edit and share your ideas with just a click.


“I love the Brainstorm – with this I can pin my thoughts directly onto the canvas, without thinking about any kind of structure and then with a ‘click’ I have a Mind Map.”

Michael Landers, IT Architect, IBM

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Sticky Notes and Groups

With an infinite number of sticky notes at your disposal, Brainstorm View is an unrivalled platform to sort your ideas. Making use of a variety of colours and styles, Brainstorm View is bursting with tools to help you make sense of even the most abstract of concepts. Categorise your ideas by adding them to groups – perfect for keeping work organised when working in a team. Sticky notes expand as you write, making for hassle-free thinking.


Style and Design

You can customise the background of your brainstorm with an image of your choosing or select one from the library of canvas images on offer. The Clean Up feature means you can develop your thoughts in the knowledge that a tidy and orderly brainstorm is but a click away – the feature brings together sticky notes and tidies up the canvas. The Relationships function also gives you a quick way to link thoughts with a digital string.

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Add Images, Icons and Links

Icons can personalise your canvas, adding more detail without cluttering the brainstorm. Attaching links means that your work isn’t limited solely by the content inputted – you can also link to other files and web links. iMindMap also lets you add attachments to your Brainstorm, including images and multimedia to give your brainstorm extra depth.

Sync Between Views

Click and switch with ease thanks to iMindMap’s syncing. Fast Capture, Brainstorm and Mind Map View work in sync, which means that work started in one of these views will be transferred to the next view you click on. With no work lost and formatting automatically updating, the entire digital thought process is seamless.

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Side Panel

The Side Panel gives you the power to locate, organise, categorise and customise your ideas quickly. See your ideas in a vibrant list format using the Outline Panel. Click on your ideas in the Outline Panel and it will zoom to that idea in your selected view. Drag and drop your ideas from the canvas into the Outline Panel for a fast and easy way to keep tabs on your thoughts across the views. With the Search Filter, your thoughts can be easily located, however large your work may be. The Tags and Icon Manager offers a different way to categorise your ideas. Assign Tags to your idea bubbles, sticky notes and branches to create a unique classification system. Visually categorise your projects with icons, add custom icons or choose from the extensive library. The Side Panel lets you format your creations quickly and works in sync between views for effortless customisation.


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