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iMindMap Radial Map View

Radial Map View

Organise your thoughts beautifully and make information meaningful with iMindMap 11’s Radial Map View*. Visually plan projects, simplify data, break down challenges, present ideas and more. Display information as easy-to-digest nodes in an adaptable, hierarchical and highly visual Radial Map.

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See the bigger picture

See the bigger picture

Stay motivated with a colourful and complete overview of any goal, project or topic. Engage with information like never before. Capture, comprehend and communicate complex data without losing the simplistic structure of your Radial Map.

Take control of your workload

Take control of your workload

Set importance visually by increasing the size of each node. If priorities shift, you have control to adapt the importance of each segment by easily adjusting its weight. Radial Map View is a flexible and balanced way to manage your workload.

Sharpen your focus

Sharpen your focus

When you want to hone in on a particular part of a project, simply double-click a node to hide all others. Files, attachments and child-nodes remain hidden until extra context is needed, keeping your focus and productivity razor sharp.

“Radial Map View is an excellent way for managing goals and project deliveries”

Erick Montero González, Technology Entrepreneur


*This feature is exclusively available with iMindMap Ultimate and Ultimate Plus.


Organisational Charts

Get ready to structure information, outline projects and streamline workflows with our brand new Organisational Charts. Create a top-down chain of data, project tasks or team roles that clearly communicates hierarchy. Use Org. Charts to present easy-to-follow processes and simplify data for smarter ways of working.

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iMindMap Org. Charts View


Represent structure with Org Charts

Represent structure

Define roles, tasks and responsibilities in a visual, hierarchical framework. Create an Org. Chart to outline project processes, business goals or workplace structure. Insert images of your team members to assign them to specific nodes.

Streamline Workflows with Org Charts

Streamline Workflows

Whether you’re planning a project or organising an event, create an Org. Chart of easy-to-follow processes that can be shared with your team. Draw out your project’s best next steps and use a clear overview to streamline workflows wherever possible.

Trace information with Org Charts

Trace information

Use Org. Charts for research projects to create a traceable flow of findings from one starting point. Use relationship arrows to spot connections across your research and add notes and attachments to build an accessible resource centre that doesn’t overwhelm.

“This is awesome. iMindMap is already hands down the best Mind Mapping application, and these new views make it even more powerful.”

David Kellogg, University English Professor


*This feature is exclusively available with iMindMap Ultimate and Ultimate Plus.

iMindMap Fast Capture Bubble Web and Groups View

Enhanced Fast Capture View, with NEW Bubble Groups

Enjoy a whole new way of working with iMindMap 11’s better-than-ever Fast Capture View. Catch your best ideas in a floating Bubble Web, then seamlessly switch to add some colour-coded order with all new Bubble Groups. Improved Fast Capture View is the launch pad that you need to make your best ideas your greatest successes.

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Bubble Web Mode

Bubble Web

Never let a good idea pass you by. Pour them onto an infinite canvas into a self-forming, colourful web of thought. Don’t worry about structure here, just spark your greatest thinking and see what sticks.

Bubble Groups View

Bubble Groups

Bring those ideas to ground ready for developing further. Use colour-coded circles to group together related ideas and bring some order to your thinking. This visual overview will make it easy to spot connections and plan the next steps for success.

A new look

A new look

Fast Capture has always been one of iMindMap’s most loved views. Enjoy a whole new colour palette for an even more visually engaging experience. Plus, we’re introducing a new pop-up menu for quicker formatting and attachment options.

“iMindMap 11 will do wonders for my productivity. With the new Fast Capture View, I can brainstorm and organise ideas in one workspace. Excellent!”

Alison Jones, Accountancy Lecturer


*Bubble Group mode is exclusively available with iMindMap Ultimate and Ultimate Plus.

Split Screen

Amplify your productivity with iMindMap 11’s all new Split Screen.

Switch and swap ideas between two intuitive views and transfer information without losing track of your thoughts. iMindMap 11’s new Split Screen changes the multitasking game by increasing your focus, helping you to develop your concepts further than ever imagined. Create smarter connections and gain new perspectives with this unique way of working.

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iMindMap 11 Split Screen


New Languages

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We’re proud to champion a diverse range of languages within our software. With over one million people worldwide using iMindMap to maximise their creativity and productivity, we’re proud to support a variety of languages in our software and spread the benefits of creative thinking worldwide. We know that being able to work in the language you feel most comfortable using will help you to achieve more every day with iMindMap, and we’re excited to see where our latest linguistic update will lead you.

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Korean new
  • Turkish new
  • Swedish new
  • Hindi new
  • Malay new



Dharmendra Rai, Mind Map Trainer


iMindMap User Interface Updates

Brand new visuals and interface updates

iMindMap 11 is a powerful digital thinking space with so much to offer. Even with all of the brand new workspaces and features, our most advanced version yet includes interface updates to ensure your experience remains smooth. We’re making work even easier for you. What’s the point in working if you can’t enjoy it? Our interface enhancements will not only make you more productive but inject some fun along the way!

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Brand new start screens

Brand new start screens

A refined interface helps you get your work off the ground in seconds. On the start screen, your canvas now opens with one click. Instantly get to work on the task at hand.

Refreshed Toolbars

Refreshed toolbars

Simplified toolbars help you navigate the software effortlessly by minimising distractions. Tools are clearly arranged. Maintain your focus as you add, format and organise your thoughts in all views.

Emojis in iMindMap

A library of familiar faces

New Emojis are a surefire way to add fun to your projects. An extensive library of familiar smiley faces, symbols, objects and more will arm you with a visual vocabulary to support your thinking.

Add Emojis to your projects

Add Emojis to your projects

Emojis can be added as images to branches, sticky notes, bubbles, nodes and more to add some fun to your brainstorming, planning and presenting across all iMindMap workspaces.

New Central idea images in iMindMap

New central idea images

iMindMap 11 brings a whole host of new central idea images. Give your Mind Maps a boost and strengthen the connection you have with their content by choosing an image that closely represents your goals.

Reposition central idea text

Reposition text

On your central idea image, you can position the text where it makes most sense to ensure key elements aren’t hidden. Make your central idea image truly resonate and enhance your creativity.

“I love iMindMap, it’s one of my favourite visual tools.”

Erick Montero, Project Manager, IT

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