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Certified 4 day courses by the company behind ThinkBuzan and iMindMap, OpenGenius Ltd.



Discover the recipe for innovation.

Become a recognised expert in maximising creative potential and generating innovative solutions that work.

Learn a practical, repeatable process for innovation that can be implemented by anyone, from individuals to multinational organisations.

Gain the knowledge and skills to deliver powerful Applied Innovation training within your own organisation or for clients.


During your training sessions, you will gain an in-depth understanding of what it means to be truly creative and, more importantly, the steps that are necessary to facilitate successful innovation. Our course gives you:

A Culture of Innovation

A Culture of Innovation

Innovation should be at the core of what you do every single day. Explore practical processes that will encourage a culture of innovation and allow it to thrive.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

We offer creative thinking skills reinforced with innovative software, including iMindMap and DropTask. Combining modern thinking strategies & processes with creativity & technology.

Productivity and Success

Productivity and Success

Learn how to re-motivate others and help them overcome their creative barriers, ensuring that they never experience the frustration of mental blocks and failed projects again.


Fiona Waddell

Quote BeginThis course has changed the way I think. Very positive, interactive and dynamic and an all round good experience.Quote End

Fiona Waddell Managing Director of 3D Clinical Research Ltd, UK


Applied Innovation
Course Content

  • Overcome Bias

    Most people tend to accept or reject ideas based on whether or not they agree with our current opinion. This type of selective thinking kills our ability to be creative. Overcome the preconceptions that are steering you away from real progress and innovative ideas.

  • Act Now, Think Later

    An overly reactive approach to decision making means our ideas may not get the attention and depth of thought they need. We’ll show you how to quash your compulsion to react instantly to problems and set yourself up for long-term success.

  • Banishing Assumptions

    From out-of-date thinking to the unnecessary limits you are working within, assumptions can cripple your ability to make smart decisions. Break away from the assumptions that are preventing you from exploring alternative options and cultivate ground-breaking innovation.

  • Follow the Rules

    Arbitrary rules have become so ingrained into the dynamics of business that we now just accept them. Find out how you can burst free from these rules and experiment with new approaches, methods and strategies, to generate original ideas.

  • Analysis Paralysis

    It’s in our nature as human beings to analyse and evaluate what’s in front of us, but relying too heavily on analysis can damage our ability to be creative. Learn how to resist the urge to prematurely evaluate ideas and jeopardise the whole creative process.

  • Fear of Mistakes and Failure

    Our fear of making mistakes causes us to avoid taking (often worthwhile) risks; threatening our ability to innovate. Discover how to fight the fear, take an imperative leap into the unknown, and how to use your bad ideas as stepping stones to good ideas.

  • All Work, No Play

    It’s often during times when we aren’t working, but in a playful mind-set, that inspiration will bubble up. We’ll teach you simple techniques that you can implement to loosen up your creative thinking skills and create an environment where ideas can flourish.

  • The Impact of Technology

    Innovative thinking rests on more than just the right processes. It’s about freedom, portability, visual variety, colour and association. We’ll introduce you to our state of the art software tools, designed specifically to enhance innovative thinking.


What can I do after

After the course you will be certified as an Official Licensed Instructor in Applied Innovation, which means that you can:

Deliver your own training
  • Receive your own profile on our website to showcase your skills and experience.

  • Be certified to deliver official OpenGenius Applied Innovation training.

  • Receive the Applied Innovation Facilitator Pack of resources.

  • Provide official OpenGenius certificates to your delegates, signed by Chris Griffiths.


Plus additional
Exclusive perks


iMindMap Ultimate License
iMindMap Ultimate

Receive a free license for our Mind Mapping software, iMindMap Ultimate, worth GBP £149 /USD $235 .

DropTask PRO Subscription
DropTask PRO

Receive a 12 month subscription to the task management app, DropTask PRO, worth USD $78.


Proven Techniques from
A World Expert

A World Expert

This course is developed by Chris Griffiths, CEO of OpenGenius, the company behind internationally recognised brands, ThinkBuzan and DropTask, and bestselling author of ‘GRASP the Solution’, reaching number 1 on Amazon.

Chris has helped countless organisations, including Nobel Laureates, the United Nations and the European Commission, to drive innovation through their ranks – now you can become an expert in these proven strategies.



Ana Yturriaga-Saldanha

Quote BeginExtremely useful and well received. Clear, fun and thought provoking. Interesting and inspiring training!Quote End

Ana Yturriaga-Saldanha European Commission


Why be Trained by


Trained Over 1000 People

Trained Over 1000 People…

…Including individuals and organisations across 5 continents, within the United Nations, Sony, the NHS, Hewlett Packard, McDonalds, the Ministry of Defence and more.


Helped hundreds of Organisations

We have also worked with international organisations such as the European Commission, the Petra Nobel Conference of Nobel Laureates, European Parliament, European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing and various royal families across the globe to help them apply innovative thinking to their projects.

Award Winning Software Solutions

Award Winning Software Solutions

We don’t just talk the talk, we create the software solutions to put innovative thinking into action on a daily basis. iMindMap and DropTask are used around the globe within organisations such as Disney, the BBC, De Beers, NASA, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Oxfam, Sony, Pepsi and the University of Oxford.


Hanadi Mahmoud M Sadeq

Quote BeginThe course went beyond my expectations - I have a Masters Degree in Business Innovation, but I didn't learn these amazing skills and techniques in University! Excellent!Quote End

Hanadi Mahmoud M Sadeq Riyad Bank Head Office, Saudi Arabia



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We also offer group discounts if you are coming from the same company or educational institution. Just let us know when you make an enquiry and we can give you more information.

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