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Master iMindMap with our online training. Receive one-to-one training in iMindMap's key features without even leaving your desk.



The iMindMap

In the workshop, your iMindMap certified trainer will explain, demonstrate and guide you through each feature in real time so that you can make the most of what our Mind Mapping software has to offer. Watch your skills improve right there and then.

We have two types of workshop available depending on your skill level and what you wish to learn during the session. Find out more about the two options below:


Basic Workshop

Get started with iMindMap and learn the features step-by-step

  • - Create, Draw and Edit Maps
  • - Insert Images, Web Links and Audio Notes
  • - Format your Mind Map
  • - Design your Mind Map
  • - Insert Branch Art



+local VAT in EC countries for a 60 minute session

Advanced Workshop

Take your abilities to the next level with this session

  • - Presentation View and Builder
  • - Speed Mind Mapping
  • - Expand and Collapse your Mind Maps
  • - Create Child Maps


Plus a Choice of 2:

  • - Export your Mind Maps
  • - Flowcharts
  • - 3D View
  • - Social Sharing



+local VAT in EC countries for a 90 minute session



Frequently Asked


How do I take part in the workshop?

To participate, you will be provided with a web link so that you can access the workshop remotely. This allows you to work on a shared screen with our iMindMap Consultant who will guide you through every step.


What do I need before the workshop starts?

You will need internet access along with a headset and microphone to interact and communicate during the workshop. You will not be required to have iMindMap software installed on your computer as you will be working from the screen of our iMindMap Consultant during the workshop.


Are there any minimum skill requirements to participate?

There are no minimum skill requirements for our basic or advanced Mind Mapping workshops. However, we do advise that individuals who opt for the advanced workshop have a good understanding of the basic iMindMap features. This allows our iMindMap Consultant to spend more time focusing on the advanced features in the software.



How to


If you would like to book your iMindMap workshop or would like to find out more information, please contact us directly at or call us on +44 (0) 207 1177 173 / 1-800-961-4582 (USA).

*If you would like to book, please notify our training team of how long you have been an iMindMap user and the topics you would like to focus on.


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